High Protein vs. High Fat: The Diet Industry's Great Distraction from the Real Culprits

High Protein vs. High Fat: The Diet Industry's Great Distraction from the Real Culprits

People are suffering and dying all around us, and it's not just because of diseases or accidents. The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of charlatans and greedy diet doctors who disregard science in favor of peddling diets and complicated information that ultimately does more harm than good. This is the tragic story of the diet culture – one of the most despicable and infuriating phenomena in human history.

Do you want to know the truth about whether a high-protein or high-fat diet is best for fat loss? The answer is neither. In fact, low-carb itself doesn't work either for long term. The truth is that protein has become the fitness industry's golden child, with marketers using sketchy science to sell overpriced supplements. Claims about protein should be met with skepticism. Just as with Atkins, low-carb, paleo, and other diet trends, we're on the verge of another fad insanity that will only benefit the charlatans who profit from it.

It's time to face the hard truth: diets are terrible for us. The scientific research on diets is so far removed from how people actually eat that it's practically useless with celebrity chefs, alongside diet charlatans and lifestyle gurus, as key players in how we eat. We need to focus on understanding food rather than blindly following diet fads. Why do we keep banging our heads against the wall, letting lifestyle gurus and diet zealots control our lives? They profit from our misery and failures, selling us more restrictive diets when their initial advice doesn't work.

One glaring example of this is the shift within the low-carb and keto communities. Once proponents of sweeteners, these charlatans now cherry-pick studies to demonize these ingredients, tightening their grip on our diets. The result? Diet culture has become a salt selling cult, ensnaring vulnerable people, including their own figureheads who haven’t reconciled with their demons, in its web. We need to break free from this cycle of insanity.

Instead of diets, we should be striving for a comprehensive understanding of food at the structural level. No more selfish and greedy diet doctors, just food scientists and researchers working to innovate and educate. We must stand against those who exploit our health and time for their own gain. They create junk foods, dodge responsibility for their failures, and leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

Eating used to be an intuitive, simple process. Now, we're bombarded with overpriced supplements, Facebook group cults, junk diet books, chaotic fads, and modern ailments like orthorexia and emotional eating disorders. Emotional eating is when people eat in response to emotions instead of physical hunger, which can lead to overeating and negative feelings. Orthorexia is an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating, causing people to restrict their food intake to the point of malnutrition and experience anxiety or guilt when they eat foods that do not meet their strict dietary standards. This may include obsessive ketone and glucose reading testing which primarily profits the companies selling these ketone and glucose test meters and strips. Know people like that in your life? These charlatans exploit these issues, using sufferers as marketing pawns instead of directing them to professional help. This behavior should be criminal.

These so-called experts then double-down and use testimonials and anecdotes to dismiss quality scientific research, imposing their own disordered eating habits and restrictions on unsuspecting clients. They will do anything to make money and maintain their image, turning followers into sacrificial lambs. It's time to end this diet culture madness.

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