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Discover how Energy Pods are made and why they push chocolate-making and culinary experience to  the next level. 
From Nature's Best
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Meal Replacements Evolved


Tastier Than a  Chocolate Bar

With superior flavor, no added sugar, and better nutrition and a silky-smooth texture, Energy Pods are no-brainer over chocolate bars. 

An Improvement to a Nutrition Bar

Nutrition bars taste like boring cardboard while being loaded with sneaky sugars. Energy Pods are pure nutritious powerhouse.

An Upgrade to a Squeeze Pouch

Squeeze pouches don't allow toppings and most of the food is left in the tossed pouch anyway. Energy Pods offer snacking versatility in eco-friendly packaging.

More Compact Than A Meal Shake

Say good-bye to bulky bottles and say hello to compact portability and blissful taste with Energy Pods.

More Optimized Than a Trail Mix

Trail mixes are loaded with sugars and lack protein, a problem that Energy Pods solve. Plus, less bulk. 

Created For Athletes by Athletes

Choose your lifestyle and Energy Pods will be your favorite companion.
Weight Lifting

Snacking it is simple:
Peel, Dip, Snack

Every Ingredient Serves a Purpose

Blanched Almonds in Energy Pods
Blanched Almonds
Whey Protein Isolate in Energy Pods
Whey Protein Isolate
Cacao in Energy Pods
Cocoa Powder
Sunlit Roast Coffee Beans in Energy Pods
Coffee Beans
Palm oil in Energy Pods
Palm Oil
Monk Fruit Extract
Erythritol in Energy Pods
Guar Gum in Energy Pod
Guar Gum
Xanthan gum in energy pods
Xanthan Gum
Soy Lecithin in Energy Pods
Soy Lecithin

It's Nutrition Perfected

  • Natural Energy

    From nutritious fats, not stimulants.
  • Science-Backed Ingredients

    Everything that we'd use ourselves for you.
  • Purest High-quality Protein

    Enriched with protein with more than 90% protein and less than 1% lactose.
  • No Added Sugar

    Sweetened with natural anti-oxidants
  • Esssential Nutrients

    Including electrolytes magnesium and potassium
  • Natural Antioxidants

    Maximize recovery and performance
  • Fiber Packed

    For gut-health and greater fullness
  • Diet-Friendly

    Vegetarian, keto, low-carb, and gluten-free

Experience a Culinary Marvel


Sauce at room temperature

Use Energy Pods as a decadent dip, filling, topping or spread for your toast

Pudding in the fridge

Savor as a rich pudding with unmatched flavor expression and ready for any of your favorite toppings.

Frozen-cream in the freezer

Freeze to create a super dense frozen-cream that is an upgrade to your ice-cream and gelato

Create unlimited recipes

Why stop there? Create personal desserts, use as a base for your pie, or a filing for your croissants. Join other world-class chefs and culinary experts on revolutionizing taste and nutrition.

Real People, Real Testimonials

From world-class chefs, winemakers, culinary enthusiasts, elite athletes, celebrity coaches, active entrepreneurs, to experts in food, nutrition, and health, Energy Pods are loved by all. These are all real people and not paid actors or influencers :

Frequently Asked 

What are Energy Pods?

Imagine the best-tasting shelf-stable chocolate and the most nutritious nutrition bar in a compact cup form that comes with a paperboard spoon and can be used as a dip, sauce, snack, dessert, or base for your favorite toppings. That's Energy Pods.

What are the ingredients in Energy Pods?

Each Energy Pod has different ingredients but our common ingredients are almond flour, erythritol, whey protein, soy lecithin, and monk fruit extract. Allergen Information: Contains tree nuts (almonds), milk (whey protein), and soy (soy lecithin)

Is it sugar-free?

Current Energy Pods are free of any added refined sugar, coconut sugar, fruit sugar, or any type of ingredient, including fruits, that eventually increases the free sugar content of our product.

What is the taste and texture of Energy Pods?

Due to the innovative and extensive 48 hour melanging and conching per batch, each Energy Pod has a silky smooth texture with a far more expressive flavor profile than traditional chocolate bars. 
Do I use these like Keurig cups?
Though similar in cup form, Energy Pods are a standalone compact meal replacement product that comes with a spoon and don't require additional machinery and can't be 'brewed' in a coffee maker.
What if I don't like the Energy Pod?
Energy Pods have gone toe to toe with the best Chocolate bars when it comes to taste and richness. We are that confident that you will enjoy our product that we have the 'Best Chocolate Warranty' which means that if you don't like our Energy Pods, we will give you a full refund for the purchase in exchange for donating the rest of the Energy Pods to a local food shelter. 
Does it come with free shipping?
All our Energy Pods come with free shipping. If you're on the west coast, delivery takes 1-2 days. Otherwise, it takes 2-3 days for package to arrive.
What kind of allergens does it have?
Energy Pods contains almonds (nuts), soy lecithin (soy), and whey protein isolate (milk) as potential allergens. While soy lecithin typically contains only trace amounts of soy proteins, and whey protein isolate is highly purified with minimal lactose content, they can still pose risks for individuals with allergies to soy and milk, respectively. If you have allergies to nuts, soy, or milk, we strongly recommend consulting with a healthcare professional or qualified allergen expert before consuming this product. Your safety is our utmost priority
Will the Energy Pods separate?
Due to very high quality and natural ingredients, Energy Pods may separate under high heat conditions above 40C. This is completely normal and the Energy Pods can simply be mixed back together slowly using the provided spoon.
Where does the energy come from?
Energy Pods use healthy fats as a dominant source of Energy. Our body can run on both carbohydrates and fats as fuel. In fact, under low food intake conditions and intermittant fasting, our body taps into stored body fat for energy.
Does it have caffeine?
Our Chocolate Energy Pods contain a trace amount of caffeine that comes from cocoa. Our Coffee Energy Pods contain 60-80mg of caffeine which is the equivalent of a regular cup of coffee. This caffeine comes naturally from coffee beans and when they are ground into our Energy Pods.
Where can I buy Energy Pods?
Energy Pods can be purchased from our own website with free shipping. You can also find it locally at a vendor close to you. You may also find them in other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or Walmart Marketplace.
Do I need to refrigerate them?
Energy Pods are completely shelf stable and rquire no refrigeration. Once it is opened, we recommend storing them covered in a cool and dry place. The foil on the Energy Pod can be used as a cover for the opened Energy Pod. 
How do you sweeten the Energy Pods without adding sugar?
Energy Pods are sweetened using monk fruit extract and erythritol which are both naturally occurring antioxidants that don't impact blood sugar levels and protect against tooth decay and dental caries. Both these sweeteners have been extensively studied and approved by FDA after going through a battery of scientific research. 
What is guar gum?
Guar gum, in Energy Pods, is a natural gum obtained from guar plant that improves the texture while serving as soluble fiber that promotes gut health, satiety, heart-health, and other potential health benefits. Discover more about guar gum here. 
Where can I find uses and recipes for Energy Pods?
Energy Pods allow for any toppings or favorite ingredients to be added to them to create a tastier and even more flavorful snack. If you want to put your chef hats on, we have curated recipes here. 
What kind of diets does Energy Pod fit in?
Energy Pods can be part of vegetarian, low-carb, keto, and gluten-free diets.