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Our products are recognized at top athletic, corporate, and health events, showcasing our role as leaders in food science and nutrition. We're committed to bringing science-backed, quality foods, endorsed by real, authentic individuals, not paid promoters.

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We merge science and quality ingredients to demystify food and nutrition, creating nourishing, delightful culinary products. We prioritize real experiences over paid endorsements, focusing on innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions. In collaboration with top culinary and nutrition professionals, we craft healthy, delicious foods in Napa Valley, dedicated to global well-being.

Energy Pods

Meet the most innovative and nutritious compact meal replacement that tastes better than high-end gourmet chocolate bars. High-quality protein, no added sugar, almond powered. Discover more about Energy Pods.


A nutritious and decadent almond chocolate spread. Almonds first, expressive chocolate flavor, no sugar, and high-quality protein. Discover more about CocoZen.

What Experts Have to Say

"This product is incredibly yummy. Well balanced flavors that really hit the spot for the chocolate lover. All flavors are great, and the breakfast mocha flavor kills two birds with one stone for me as a chocolate & coffee lover. Just a small amount of a single unit satisfies my cravings. Excellent product, highest marks well deserved."

Alan Aragon

World Class Nutrition Researcher

"The crazy thing about these Energy Pods is that they're satisfying, their macros are amazing, they leave me feeling full for hours and hours. They give me sustained energy, focused energy, and they taste like a world-class dessert. Texture, flavor, complexity of flavor... this tastes like high-end chocolate."

David Grega

Top Napa Winemaker

"So delicious! so mild and melt in my mouth. Even the chocolate chips melt in my mouth. That is so important. There are chocolates that I only taste brown sugar but this tastes like chocolate because I do eat unsweetened 100% cacao so I'm that much of a chocoholic but this has more chocolate flavor than whatever the other stuff is."

Chef Akiko

Chef at 3-Star Michelin Restaurant

“This is really good like this is one of my favorite keto alternatives; sometimes I don't love the keto Alternatives but this is great. Definitely leaning towards dark chocolate; it's rich for sure like I don't know that I could eat more than a single pod, you know, and oh yeah because I think it's just, it's that rich.”

Steve & Courtney

Serious Keto

"I love it! It tastes great! It has a chocolatey, kind of nutty flavor to it. It's like sipping a cup of mocha. Except, instead of juggling a hot cup while managing my three kids in the morning, I could just eat this!"

Louis Montaño

Celebrity Coach, Movers Collective, Hollywood stunts

"Your product is amazing…I tried it and am hooked!"

Neina Teicholz

New York Times Bestselling Author

“We have had every flavor of the Energy Pods and we love them all. Every time we get an order, we can't keep them in the pantry long enough! They're delicious, made with the best ingredients and they are versatile. We've been eating them straight with a spoon, blended them into coffee and even put them into fat bombs. We can't recommend these enough! Both of our sons love them, so they would make a great snack for kids too!”

Danny & Maura Vega

Fat Fueled Family

"Let me tell you something. This is the coolest thing I've had since I've been here. This is the new best thing right here - Energy Pod. These taste so rich but as for your body I feel great after this thing. Guys, go after it!"

Jerry Nadeau


"With the keto diet gaining popularity it seems like there is a new low carb dessert hitting the market every day. We've tried a vast majority of them and Keto Geek Chocolate Fudge is one of the few that is made with quality ingredients that also tastes incredible! You can tell it's made by people that actually care about the keto community."

Matt & Megha

Keto Connect

What Customers Have to Say

These must be made out of the Bee's Knees! Stay full eating chocolate AND lose weight? Yes please! Here, take my money, you can have all of it, just GIVE ME THE PODS

Jesse Hudak

Verified Buyer

This energy pod is absolutely delicious! It also satisfies me for hours! I made a delicious cheesecake with it and it was UH-MA-ZING! All of the flavors are so tasty! Definitely a must try!

Nicole Parrish

Verified Buyer

This is a total home run. Something that tastes this good just CAN’T be healthy and yet… It IS! Great job!

Brian Johnson

Verified Buyer

I really enjoyed the richness and smoothness of the chocolate fudge. This is a great option when you want a nice treat. I have been buying this off and on for the last two years. The customer service and shipping was great!

Victoria Santiago

Verified Buyer