Exogenous Ketones May Not Improve Physical Performance, According to a Review of Multiple Papers

Exogenous Ketones May Not Improve Physical Performance, According to a Review of Multiple Papers

As athletes and fitness enthusiasts are always on the lookout for ways to enhance their performance, exogenous ketones have emerged as a popular supplement. However, according to a systematic review(1) published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2020, ingesting exogenous ketone supplements may not be effective in enhancing physical performance.

The systematic review analyzed 10 randomized controlled trials that measured physical performance outcomes in response to ingesting exogenous ketone supplements compared to a control in humans. A total of 112 participants, 109 men, and 3 women were included in these studies, with ketone supplements grouped as ketone esters or ketone salts/precursors.

Of the 16 performance outcomes identified by the systematic review, three reported positive effects of ketone supplementation on physical performance compared with controls, 10 reported null, and three reported negative effects. Heterogeneity was detected between studies, making it difficult to conclude any benefit or detriment to consuming ketone supplements on physical performance.

While some studies have reported a positive effect of ketone supplementation on physical performance, others have reported no effect or even negative effects. Furthermore, the large variation in outcome measures, potentially because of small sample sizes and methodological differences between studies, suggests that caution should be taken when interpreting overall results from the larger body of literature.

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In conclusion, while some studies suggest that exogenous ketones may enhance physical performance, the evidence is inconclusive and further research is needed. In contrast, Energy Pods use MCTs to produce ketones endogenously (inside your body), and they provide a healthy, convenient meal option that can help individuals stay on track with their nutrition goals.

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