The Sweet Truth: Rethinking Sugar and Non-Nutritive Sweeteners with Modern Nutrition Engineering

The Sweet Truth: Rethinking Sugar and Non-Nutritive Sweeteners with Modern Nutrition Engineering

It's time to talk about something that's been on everyone's lips, quite literally – sweetness. We're here to discuss the hot topic of sugars and non-nutritive sweeteners, such as those zero-calorie alternatives that promise the taste without the waist. But it's not just about taste, it's about health, and the World Health Organization (WHO) recently stirred up the pot with a report that they can't endorse these non-nutritive sweeteners as a weight-loss tool or a means to reduce non-communicable diseases. However, the perspective of nutrition engineering, a modern approach that looks at food and nutrition from a biological standpoint, suggests that there might be more to this sweet story.

Understanding the terms is crucial here. So, let's break it down: non-nutritive sweeteners are sweeteners that don't have calories, like those little packets you might put in your coffee instead of sugar. Randomized controlled trials are scientific studies where people are randomly assigned to different groups to test a specific variable. Observational studies are where scientists observe and gather data without intervening or changing any factors.

Now, let's dive a little deeper. A significant number of randomized controlled trials do suggest that non-nutritive sweeteners are effective for weight loss and health outcomes. They even perform better than nutritive sweeteners (those with calories), such as sugar. Yet, when we look at this on a population level, using observational studies, this effect seems to disappear. This begs the question, why?

Here's where the perspective of nutrition engineering steps in, shifting the focus onto what comes with the sweetener, rather than the sweetener itself. It challenges us to rethink our stance, suggesting we should view sugar as a non-nutritive sweetener with calories, instead of seeing non-nutritive sweeteners as sugar without the calories. This shift allows us to separate the calorie content from the tastiness of food.

Let's consider refined carbohydrates, like white flour. These are processed so much that they're quickly digested in our gut, leading to a spike in blood sugar and insulin levels. This rapid digestion can sometimes create a higher spike than actual sugar! So, hypothetically, if we were to combine refined white flour with a non-nutritive sweetener, the result would be similar to sugar in terms of its effect on blood sugar and how satisfying it is, due to their similar digestion and composition.

This is a crucial understanding when we're aiming to design the foods of the future. It's important to remember that many other substances enhance the taste of food without adding calories, like salt, spices, MSG, citrates, etc. Research also tells us that the human palate, the appreciation of taste and flavor, adapts equally in both lean and obese individuals. Therefore, long term energy intake may not be greatly affected by taste, while calories have a more significant impact on our health.

The bottom line is that sweeteners can be incredibly effective in controlling blood sugar, aiding in weight loss, and enhancing the taste of food without the extra calories that sugar brings. This is the sweet truth we must embrace as we move towards the future of food and nutrition. As we embark on this journey, let's use the lessons from modern nutrition engineering to guide our choices, focusing on the bigger picture of our health and well-being. It's time to not just taste the sweetness but to truly understand it!

Remember, this journey isn't just about understanding the different types of sweeteners, but about changing how we think about our food and our health. Let's strive for a future where our food choices are informed by science, not just by trends or marketing buzzwords. At KG Food Company, we can easily shift to using sugar as a sweetener as this would be far cheaper and more affordable for our Energy Pods. However, as they say, "First, do no harm."

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