Unlocking the Power of Yoga: Expert Insights and Essential Tips with Corey Behn

Unlocking the Power of Yoga: Expert Insights and Essential Tips with Corey Behn

Are you ready to discover the transformative benefits of yoga and embark on a journey of self-discovery and wellness? In this enlightening episode, we are joined by Corey Behn, an avid fitness enthusiast and the production and outreach manager at KG Food Company. With over a decade of yoga experience as a dedicated student and practitioner, Corey shares his invaluable insights and guidance to help you start and enhance your own yoga practice.

Delve into Corey's inspiring backstory as he reveals how he first encountered yoga and evolved from Bikram Yoga to Ashtanga Yoga. Gain valuable knowledge on getting started with yoga, including the must-have props and tools that can support your practice. Learn about the important questions to ask your yoga teacher and discover effective ways to overcome challenges on the mat.

Throughout the episode, Corey emphasizes the significance of focusing inwards, uncovering the profound connection between yoga and social well-being, and cultivating essential habits for a thriving yoga practice. Prepare to be entertained by humorous and memorable stories from Corey's personal yoga journey.

As you immerse yourself in this enriching conversation, you'll not only gain valuable insights into the world of yoga but also be inspired to embrace the transformative power it holds. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, this episode will provide you with practical tips, expert guidance, and a newfound appreciation for the incredible benefits of yoga.

Time Stamps:

0:26 Guest introduction

1:00 Sponsor message

1:41 Corey's backstory

8:36 How did you get first introduced to yoga?

11:00 How did you evolve from Bikram Yoga to Ashtanga Yoga?

15:20 What was your experience after the first Ashtanga Yoga class? 

19:32 How do you start doing yoga?

22:58 What are some props or things that can be helpful during yoga?

24:42 What are some good questions to ask your yoga teacher?

27:20 What are some of the biggest challenges people face during yoga?

29:31 Sponsor message

31:27 The importance of focusing inwards

33:12 Can yoga help you with your social life?

34:55 What are some important habits to have around your practice?

37:00 What is the funniest story you have during yoga?

41:31 Do you have a final message?

42:13 How can people find you?


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E-mail: Corey@Ketogeek.com

Instagram: Corey Behn (@_coreyander) • Instagram photos and videos


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I graduated high school 2009 from Newtek in Napa, California, and I decided to go straight

00:01:46,640 --> 00:01:49,360
into the workforce after I graduated.

00:01:49,360 --> 00:01:51,000
I actually took a little bit of college.

00:01:51,000 --> 00:01:54,480
I didn't really care for it though because I found it funny that I had to pay for these

00:01:54,480 --> 00:01:57,360
classes that I already had passing grades on.

00:01:57,360 --> 00:02:01,600
And of course, you need to pay for those classes in order for those credits to count.

00:02:01,600 --> 00:02:04,240
It took a little bit of photography, really loved that.

00:02:04,240 --> 00:02:06,560
I've always had an artistic side to me.

00:02:06,560 --> 00:02:10,040
And through high school, I studied a little bit of digital art.

00:02:10,040 --> 00:02:11,040
Got really good at that.

00:02:11,040 --> 00:02:12,040
Had a lot of fun.

00:02:12,040 --> 00:02:15,440
Still a little bit of business outside of high school, actually.

00:02:15,440 --> 00:02:18,960
While I was doing the photography, I had a design company.

00:02:18,960 --> 00:02:20,120
It was unnamed, actually.

00:02:20,120 --> 00:02:24,000
I just was doing it for private clients and just having fun with it.

00:02:24,000 --> 00:02:28,440
And got out of that, kept working, paying jobs.

00:02:28,440 --> 00:02:32,200
First job was at World Market as a retail cashier guy.

00:02:32,200 --> 00:02:38,160
And started to learn a lot about interpersonal interactions in that space that I didn't

00:02:38,160 --> 00:02:40,160
get exposed to in high school.

00:02:40,160 --> 00:02:43,040
In high school, you're interacting with all your peers.

00:02:43,040 --> 00:02:46,440
This is my first taste of interacting with the real world.

00:02:46,440 --> 00:02:51,900
So started to really cut communication skills and interpersonal skills right away at World

00:02:51,900 --> 00:02:53,640
Market, Cosplus World Market.

00:02:53,640 --> 00:03:00,400
And I worked many, did a lot of job hunt hopping and just kind of used my 20s as a self-discovery

00:03:00,400 --> 00:03:05,960
and did a lot of traveling in my car through California, did a little bit of traveling here

00:03:05,960 --> 00:03:09,280
and there up in Canada even.

00:03:09,280 --> 00:03:14,840
And yeah, I just used the 20s to really flush out and have a lot of fun with my youth and

00:03:14,840 --> 00:03:15,840

00:03:15,840 --> 00:03:18,840
And round 25 is when I decided that.

00:03:18,840 --> 00:03:21,480
So I wanted to do something a little bit more solidified with my life.

00:03:21,480 --> 00:03:24,000
I was working at restaurants then.

00:03:24,000 --> 00:03:28,600
Restaurants, those of you who know, servers out there, bartenders out there, cooks,

00:03:28,600 --> 00:03:29,600
line cook chefs.

00:03:29,600 --> 00:03:31,840
You guys know, it is a rough business.

00:03:31,840 --> 00:03:32,840
It's very difficult.

00:03:32,840 --> 00:03:37,920
You have to be on point as a performer, as a cook, as a person who brings food to the table.

00:03:37,920 --> 00:03:41,920
I get to be on point with near interpersonal skills.

00:03:41,920 --> 00:03:45,840
Again, this is like what I've already been building up to this point.

00:03:45,840 --> 00:03:48,360
Working several jobs before I got into restaurants.

00:03:48,360 --> 00:03:51,680
And I saw this interpersonal skills really pay off as a server.

00:03:51,680 --> 00:03:57,480
It was getting like 25% tips and average on each table that I waited on, six tables a night,

00:03:57,480 --> 00:03:59,480
or six tables at a time, sorry.

00:03:59,480 --> 00:04:05,120
So I was making some pretty good money developing fun interpersonal skills and communicating

00:04:05,120 --> 00:04:11,560
with all sorts of types of people from gigantic wine corporation ownership all the way down

00:04:11,560 --> 00:04:15,360
to the mom and pops that own some shops here in Napa.

00:04:15,360 --> 00:04:18,720
So I got to interact with a really wide variety of people.

00:04:18,720 --> 00:04:25,000
And during all this time in my 20s, I was actually exploring a spiritual practice through

00:04:25,000 --> 00:04:26,200

00:04:26,200 --> 00:04:30,880
And started off as a physical thing and then it became a little bit more mental spiritual

00:04:30,880 --> 00:04:33,280
as I practiced more deeply.

00:04:33,280 --> 00:04:36,320
Removed a lot of my own mental blocks through that practice.

00:04:36,320 --> 00:04:43,920
And I decided that I wanted to bring yoga to other people because I was kind of showing

00:04:43,920 --> 00:04:48,640
my friends how to do these yoga poses because I was so excited about yoga and it brought

00:04:48,640 --> 00:04:49,640
me many benefits.

00:04:49,640 --> 00:04:52,120
I wanted to see them benefit too.

00:04:52,120 --> 00:04:58,080
Not only the physical benefits of me fixing up my ankles, knees and low back just from

00:04:58,080 --> 00:05:03,600
basically strengthening those areas a lot through standing poses in yoga to the mental

00:05:03,600 --> 00:05:10,240
part of being able to stick through hard times, finally getting around to why I'm here.

00:05:10,240 --> 00:05:16,560
And I became a yoga teacher around 2526 and started teaching yoga here in Napa.

00:05:16,560 --> 00:05:24,280
This is right when I started to really hit a crescendo of interpersonal skills and employing

00:05:24,280 --> 00:05:29,280
all that I have learned and my communication skills as a teacher and pretty much over time

00:05:29,280 --> 00:05:35,160
as well started teaching my sore ushtanga yoga for all of the ushtangis out there.

00:05:35,160 --> 00:05:37,240
You know what I'm talking about.

00:05:37,240 --> 00:05:40,200
This is exactly where I met Fahad.

00:05:40,200 --> 00:05:46,400
Fahad and I met at 5am during my course session and as I came downstairs to get them

00:05:46,400 --> 00:05:50,960
checked into class and sold them hey man this is how much it costs and you're like alright

00:05:50,960 --> 00:05:54,200
no problem through that credit card down was like cool this guy is serious it's good

00:05:54,200 --> 00:06:00,840
him up and I remember teaching and looking at Fahad and just seeing this incredibly crazy

00:06:00,840 --> 00:06:06,720
serious face in warrior 2 and I thought my head was going to fall off as I whoa man.

00:06:06,720 --> 00:06:10,120
But turns out Fahad is a cool guy really cool actually.

00:06:10,120 --> 00:06:14,120
I'm very good friends today with you interviewing me.

00:06:14,120 --> 00:06:21,200
And we got in a Keto geek because he started Keto geek after being inspired by an awesome

00:06:21,200 --> 00:06:27,520
podcast you listen to and he started creating these little pod things.

00:06:27,520 --> 00:06:31,280
They weren't quite pods at the time they were these little energy bars and bring him to

00:06:31,280 --> 00:06:34,040
the studio to have people sample him and try him out.

00:06:34,040 --> 00:06:38,880
He was just trying to do what I did which was he found something that helped him in his life.

00:06:38,880 --> 00:06:44,320
He was inspired by and wanted to spread the awareness and share the love with people as I

00:06:44,320 --> 00:06:45,320
did with yoga.

00:06:45,320 --> 00:06:49,960
Fahad was finding something to work for him and I really liked that about him that he was

00:06:49,960 --> 00:06:55,480
sharing it so I discovered that he had he had he and the products and this was back when

00:06:55,480 --> 00:06:59,720
the energy pods weren't even energy pods they're known as chocolate ghee and walnuts

00:06:59,720 --> 00:07:02,200
ghee and that's actually what attracted my attention.

00:07:02,200 --> 00:07:08,480
He's like oh I love making ghee that was kind of part of my spiritual journey like I studied

00:07:08,480 --> 00:07:13,560
at our e-vetic stuff through my yoga studies and learned how to make ghee and I love making

00:07:13,560 --> 00:07:14,560

00:07:14,560 --> 00:07:20,720
Fahad wanted to help with making these new ghee products and so he brought me into the kitchen

00:07:20,720 --> 00:07:21,720
and as I R.M.

00:07:21,720 --> 00:07:28,240
and let's look at the ghee and I freaked out as I oh no this is incredibly brown this is

00:07:28,240 --> 00:07:33,080
tasting a little burnt and why is it oxidized and so he told me the source and all that

00:07:33,080 --> 00:07:38,080
stuff and I gave him a sample of my ghee and that's kind of where it all took off.

00:07:38,080 --> 00:07:42,680
Me becoming a deeper part of ketogheak and that also spurred even more.

00:07:42,680 --> 00:07:51,240
I had changed quite a bit through ketogheak my values and morals and life shifted my outlook

00:07:51,240 --> 00:07:58,920
on nutrition and fitness and health have shifted drastically as well and I'm super thankful

00:07:58,920 --> 00:08:03,240
to those who are listening more no longer known as ketogheak the OGs will know us as ketogheak

00:08:03,240 --> 00:08:08,840
but we are now cagey food company and man I couldn't be more excited to be here today Fahad

00:08:08,840 --> 00:08:11,320
like it's such a good journey we've been on so far.

00:08:11,320 --> 00:08:17,520
It's been very encouraging promising rewarding all at the same time.

00:08:17,520 --> 00:08:25,040
I remember we've come a long way since the first time we crafted the products and one

00:08:25,040 --> 00:08:31,040
question I had for you just to sort of backtrack a little bit is how did you first get introduced

00:08:31,040 --> 00:08:35,720
into yoga yourself what was your first class and experience like?

00:08:35,720 --> 00:08:43,680
Yeah that's a fun story so my friend Emule we were really good friends outside of high school

00:08:43,680 --> 00:08:50,200
both of us into physical fitness and health at the time and we both liked working out together

00:08:50,200 --> 00:08:57,120
and doing fun stuff and he discovered this thing called beepram yoga he's like Cory bro we

00:08:57,120 --> 00:09:02,160
have this class that we can do tomorrow it's an hour and a half long is that okay cool hour

00:09:02,160 --> 00:09:10,160
and a half not bad it sounds fun but it's in 105 degrees I was like what are you crazy bro

00:09:10,160 --> 00:09:14,000
he's like yeah I'm crazy let's do it I'm like okay I'm crazy too so we're gonna go and do

00:09:14,000 --> 00:09:20,400
this class so beepram yoga was my very first class age 19 and it was an hour and a half

00:09:20,400 --> 00:09:27,440
I remember thinking to myself I am actually going to die 20 minutes into this class I didn't

00:09:27,440 --> 00:09:35,120
know how to breathe I felt like I was choking on thick air the teacher was just falling

00:09:35,120 --> 00:09:41,560
as beepram yoga practitioners and teachers so you all know they follow a script and I thought

00:09:41,560 --> 00:09:46,880
it was very militaristic of them are pulling a script and I was like man it's 105 it's

00:09:46,880 --> 00:09:53,840
100 he 100% humidity I'm sweating everything out of my body right now I can't breathe and this

00:09:53,840 --> 00:09:59,360
is ridiculous but I'm gonna get through it and the teacher like noticed I was having a hard time

00:09:59,360 --> 00:10:04,800
and she like reminded me just breathe slow and breathe through your nose and you can take a rest

00:10:04,800 --> 00:10:10,080
whenever you need so I like drops my knees immediately and I was like okay go I can rest

00:10:10,080 --> 00:10:17,680
okay I'm not a wuss for resting I was given permission so that was a revolutionary experience for me

00:10:17,680 --> 00:10:24,000
dude I I never thought moving your body in hot air would be so tough in doing it for 90 minutes

00:10:24,000 --> 00:10:30,480
but I was absolutely floored and humbled at that after class I thought that I could handle it

00:10:30,480 --> 00:10:34,560
but I couldn't handle it and I came back the next day actually and I remember something

00:10:34,560 --> 00:10:38,640
of teacher told me just breathe flow breathe through the nose and out through the nose only

00:10:38,640 --> 00:10:42,640
and that's actually when I first started practicing pranayama with I've been thinking about it

00:10:42,640 --> 00:10:46,800
for those we don't know pranayama is breathing practice in yoga so that was a it was very

00:10:46,800 --> 00:10:52,240
interesting we went into yoga with thinking I can dominate it and it ended up getting humbled

00:10:52,240 --> 00:10:58,560
how did you get introduced into ash tanga yoga or let's just rephrase it and say how did your

00:10:58,560 --> 00:11:05,120
journey evolve past bechrome yoga yeah um after practicing bechrome for a really long time

00:11:05,760 --> 00:11:11,680
I was doing double at one point I was doing doubles and I was trading work to go clean the studio and

00:11:11,680 --> 00:11:17,360
I would get free classes in exchange the ownership changed hands up the studio a couple times

00:11:17,360 --> 00:11:24,720
eventually my privileges and opportunities to do that that work trade for bechrome winaway

00:11:24,720 --> 00:11:30,320
unfortunately and I was just too poor to afford classes so I started looking for other ways of

00:11:30,320 --> 00:11:36,640
practicing yoga because I really liked it and discovered vinyasa and I thought vinyasa was really

00:11:36,640 --> 00:11:42,160
cool because it was so different and also vinyasa was doing stuff with the upper body um bechrome

00:11:42,160 --> 00:11:48,880
your 100% focus on the lower body and building up a super strong foundation which I believe is

00:11:48,880 --> 00:11:53,120
a very important thing to do but we really cannot neglect the upper body either so I remember

00:11:53,120 --> 00:11:57,360
down dog just being agonizing because I never really did need upper body strength training

00:11:57,360 --> 00:12:02,480
a lot of my stuff was lower body skateboarding soccer biking running as a kid all that stuff

00:12:02,480 --> 00:12:08,880
so I just don't my feet uh but got the experience of vinyasa flow and I really liked that

00:12:08,880 --> 00:12:15,760
and I started going to a studio called rev yoga in napa and that was uh owned and operated by

00:12:15,760 --> 00:12:21,440
Courtney Willis um really awesome yoga teacher here in the napa valley has inspired me quite a bit

00:12:22,160 --> 00:12:27,840
to even continue flourishing amount of practice through vinyasa and through Courtney's studio that's

00:12:27,840 --> 00:12:34,400
actually where I got my yoga teacher training done so my ryt was done through there yoga register

00:12:34,400 --> 00:12:41,360
yoga training or your register yoga teacher and I met a person named kory chefer there and kory and I

00:12:41,360 --> 00:12:48,400
kory and kory were practicing during kourtney's class together next to each other in the front row

00:12:48,400 --> 00:12:55,360
and kory took me aside after class and said hey like I noticed you had like a lot of uh devotion

00:12:55,360 --> 00:13:01,440
and I loved how you practiced like you were just very in it and I can hear your breathing pattern

00:13:01,440 --> 00:13:06,880
uh your um the way you move and uh I can feel your energy right next to me and I'd really

00:13:06,880 --> 00:13:11,600
enjoyed that I'd like to invite you to a nashchangy yoga uh yoga practice and I was like what the heck

00:13:11,600 --> 00:13:17,920
is that and she's like okay uh I want to find out it's five am uh on saturday i meet me here at this

00:13:17,920 --> 00:13:23,360
gas station and we'll drive up together and go to burglary and take a yoke uh ashchangga full-led primary

00:13:23,360 --> 00:13:29,440
class and I was like okay cool and I did uh full-led class my very first ashchangga was full-led

00:13:29,440 --> 00:13:36,320
what is full-led actually means with people understand full-led class so uh in ashchangga you have uh

00:13:36,320 --> 00:13:41,520
six series and a lot of us never see what's past the second series because it's some very difficult

00:13:41,520 --> 00:13:47,600
stuff but primary series is successful to everybody um it takes about 90 minutes to complete it's a

00:13:47,600 --> 00:13:54,880
set of movements you start with uh serian almascara or uh sun salutations just two variations a and b

00:13:54,880 --> 00:14:01,920
you do standing poses um and then you transition to the floor and do floor poses and in between each

00:14:01,920 --> 00:14:07,680
side of your body you have to do what's called a jump back and jump through um so you have to like

00:14:07,680 --> 00:14:12,720
if you imagine you're el sitting on the ground you have to plant your your hands next to your hips or

00:14:12,720 --> 00:14:17,200
kind of in front of them cross your legs in front of you so it looks like you're cross-legged a little

00:14:17,200 --> 00:14:21,840
bit and bring those knees really close to the chest and then lift yourself off the floor and then

00:14:21,840 --> 00:14:28,080
rotate your your torso and shoot your legs back that's a jump back and so you land in a uh very close

00:14:28,080 --> 00:14:33,280
to the ground plank that's chaturanga and then you go through vinyas and jump back through um so that

00:14:33,280 --> 00:14:38,960
you do that through full-led um until you hit the finishing series and that's a couple cool

00:14:38,960 --> 00:14:44,400
down poses which are all all the same across all the series but that's the gist of that uh what the

00:14:44,400 --> 00:14:53,360
series is and when i say full-led uh it is um folkley led by a teacher and each breath is actually

00:14:53,360 --> 00:14:59,440
counted in sanskrit and even uh the yoga poses are called to you in sanskrit so you can imagine

00:14:59,440 --> 00:15:07,280
somebody who is me a newb to ashtanga sitting there and hearing uh chaturanga dandasana like what

00:15:07,280 --> 00:15:11,920
the heck is that mean dude and i look around and i see everyone's like kind of in a plank pose i'm

00:15:11,920 --> 00:15:17,520
okay cool got it uh so that's exactly the full-led is it's pretty interesting so that's what you

00:15:17,520 --> 00:15:24,080
took in burkley with kory chefer and what happened afterwards yeah so afterwards um i was like totally

00:15:24,080 --> 00:15:28,800
kind of like my very first beef from yoga class i was floored and i was shocked by the experience

00:15:28,800 --> 00:15:35,360
and it was kind of a negative in a way um i really like how i felt after class and i liked the energy

00:15:35,360 --> 00:15:43,680
and kory chefer invited me to come take classes from her at what was oh gosh i think it was orange theory

00:15:43,680 --> 00:15:51,120
fitness back then before it became ikam yoga um so as the uproot upstairs uh portion of the studio

00:15:51,120 --> 00:15:56,560
that was devoted to yoga and so i started taking classes from her and i really liked it and she

00:15:56,560 --> 00:16:02,640
taught me a little bit about what mysor is and then revealed to me later that uh she had a working

00:16:02,640 --> 00:16:09,360
deal to actually purchase the space the studio from orange theory fitness uh which i believe is a

00:16:09,360 --> 00:16:16,400
franchise fitness um company and she acquired the space turned it into ikam yoga and there kory and i

00:16:16,400 --> 00:16:24,640
started teaching mysor ashtanga yoga mysor ashtanga yoga is it's uh it's not like your lead class

00:16:24,640 --> 00:16:32,080
mysor is named after the area that originated in india mysor or also known as mysuru

00:16:32,960 --> 00:16:37,840
a teacher called patabi joys was teaching his students uh this method there and they didn't really have a name

00:16:37,840 --> 00:16:44,400
for it uh while they were practicing in mysor it just got named mysor outside of mysor in dia because of

00:16:44,400 --> 00:16:51,280
uh how much popularity it gained with american yogis that were practicing it mysor is a style in which

00:16:51,280 --> 00:16:56,320
you learn one pose at a time the primary series the second series third series if you're lucky

00:16:56,320 --> 00:17:03,840
fourth is six um and you do it all under the guidance of a teacher in a group space group setting so if

00:17:03,840 --> 00:17:09,360
you walked into uh your very first mysor ashtanga class at like six twenty a.m. and people have already

00:17:09,360 --> 00:17:16,880
been practicing at like five thirty a.m. you'll see that uh the room will be in various states of

00:17:16,880 --> 00:17:23,040
the or various parts and sequences of the primary series and or the second series whatever they're

00:17:23,040 --> 00:17:28,960
working on you see all these people moving together and it's interesting uh but instead of being

00:17:28,960 --> 00:17:34,160
the whole class let it once you get individualized teaching from the teachers that walk around in a

00:17:34,160 --> 00:17:39,680
mysor class setting awesome quick question real quick and you have to be honest with me on this one

00:17:39,680 --> 00:17:45,280
really honest with me and i want the truth and nothing but the truth so you work behind the scenes at

00:17:45,280 --> 00:17:51,280
the ecum studio um i want to know that when you guys leave the studio do dead people

00:17:51,280 --> 00:17:57,360
resurrect themselves and practice yoga it's totally possible uh there's a couple times i was there

00:17:57,360 --> 00:18:02,480
after dark because i used to work for that studio and out of clothes and he'd hear some funny stuff

00:18:02,480 --> 00:18:09,680
upstairs and maybe there's some spirits doing some wicked moves i don't know man i heard the rumor man

00:18:09,680 --> 00:18:14,560
maybe cori just has all the secrets and she never told us she perhaps uh and she probably has all

00:18:14,560 --> 00:18:20,640
this stuff recorded somewhere yeah all these paranormal sounds um i think peter and a me the

00:18:20,640 --> 00:18:25,600
current orders probably took the brought in the ghost busters or when ghost buster style and

00:18:25,600 --> 00:18:30,880
quickly cleaned it up probably uh perhaps yeah okay yeah all right so next next next question is now

00:18:30,880 --> 00:18:36,720
we live in the age where a lot of people who go on yelp and look for reviews one of the kind want

00:18:36,720 --> 00:18:43,040
to bring some new activity into their life be yoga or any sort of physical physical activity in general

00:18:43,040 --> 00:18:48,480
many times we are so disconnected that we like to overthink a lot of the times about what we want to

00:18:48,480 --> 00:18:54,560
incorporate in our lives so since you have been exposed to yoga for such an extensive period of time and

00:18:54,560 --> 00:19:01,280
taught countless people how do you recommend like what kind of uh research people should do and how they

00:19:01,280 --> 00:19:05,680
should delve into if they really want to start yoga i get this question all the time from a lot of

00:19:05,680 --> 00:19:10,720
my friends they will they want to know i want to go to yoga but i need some friends to go with the

00:19:10,720 --> 00:19:17,040
or and i how do i even get started i need to buy some equipment um so how do they approach with this

00:19:17,040 --> 00:19:21,760
and you have to factor in that some people are perfectionists they want to go in there with the most

00:19:21,760 --> 00:19:28,960
perfect looking uh appearance or looks or whatever so can you cater to those kind of people who want to

00:19:28,960 --> 00:19:34,080
do things perfectly and all of the people who just want to start a very minimalist yeah you got to uh

00:19:34,080 --> 00:19:40,480
actually cori chefrenin are my store um practice we recognize those people uh there were

00:19:40,480 --> 00:19:43,920
perfectionists and there are we called them the a's and then there were people that

00:19:44,640 --> 00:19:52,080
show up and uh they did the work um when we called them bees um but yeah getting you perfection at all

00:19:52,080 --> 00:19:58,080
sorry i was the a people getting the perfectionist set up um i'm gonna be a minimalistic at first you

00:19:58,080 --> 00:20:02,800
just need clothes that you can move in free range uh that are comfortable to wear and that are

00:20:02,800 --> 00:20:10,000
breathable you guys you all get sweaty and you need yoga mats um i recommend getting a nice yoga mat

00:20:10,000 --> 00:20:16,720
because uh if you get a cheap one from like target wall mart uh or any of the uh brands that like

00:20:16,720 --> 00:20:22,400
you can really feel it's uh there's there's thickness of these mats um if you get uh i don't

00:20:22,400 --> 00:20:28,560
i don't want to name brands but let's just say a target or wall mart brand uh mat uh those things will

00:20:28,560 --> 00:20:33,760
shred within like a month it will shred fast so i recommend doing a little research finding out

00:20:33,760 --> 00:20:38,800
what kind of mat to get um and there are really good ones the thicker the better generally because

00:20:38,800 --> 00:20:43,760
you're gonna get more material it's gonna last longer um you may want a couple yoga blocks

00:20:43,760 --> 00:20:49,840
because when you start yoga you're gonna be using muscles that you've probably never heard of

00:20:49,840 --> 00:20:54,400
or never felt once before in your whole body never stretched and never activated once

00:20:54,400 --> 00:21:01,760
yoga blocks are going to bring the floor closer to your hands or they elevate the floor for

00:21:01,760 --> 00:21:07,040
whatever reason if you're sitting on a block on the ground it might be easier for someone to sit

00:21:07,040 --> 00:21:10,960
on the block and stretch their hamstrings rather than try to stretch their hamstrings sitting

00:21:10,960 --> 00:21:16,400
flatten the ground with their legs um straight some people can even straighten their legs fully that's

00:21:16,400 --> 00:21:21,680
how tight their hamstrings and the low back is so yeah grab yourself a mat some comfortable clothes

00:21:21,680 --> 00:21:31,360
a block or two blocks and uh strap those are pretty useful too uh especially for when if uh you

00:21:31,360 --> 00:21:38,240
have really really tight shoulders uh tight hamstrings or that that can mean weakness or it can be

00:21:38,240 --> 00:21:44,080
even i've taught people who are just absolutely muscle bound like i have to use my whole body to

00:21:44,080 --> 00:21:49,680
adjust these people because there's so much muscle in the way uh to get them into of the expression

00:21:49,680 --> 00:21:54,240
of the pose where they're actually stretching or using the right muscles you have to give them

00:21:54,240 --> 00:21:59,120
a little assistance with your hands or you can teach it with the strap you can teach it with the

00:21:59,120 --> 00:22:04,720
block um lastly probably describe yourself water bottle or something that you can hydrate easily with

00:22:04,720 --> 00:22:12,160
with the straw two things i really like about when i started doing ashita and yoga and perhaps

00:22:12,160 --> 00:22:17,920
people can find it useful this is just me of course is i had this one strap that would wrap around

00:22:17,920 --> 00:22:22,160
the mat i think you've seen it and it had a little tiny pocket in it and in that pocket you can

00:22:22,160 --> 00:22:27,040
maybe have like a small mode book in there you could carry or put your wallet or your phone in

00:22:27,040 --> 00:22:32,480
there as well while you're in your class i thought i found that very useful and another thing that was

00:22:32,480 --> 00:22:36,800
really helpful in a small pouch like that was that you could carry a small towel and a cleaning

00:22:36,800 --> 00:22:43,120
detergent with you that you like to smell off and then you could wipe the uh uh the mat after you're

00:22:43,120 --> 00:22:48,480
used after using it and you're really sweaty so i thought those were things that i've personally found

00:22:48,480 --> 00:22:54,160
useful but are there any little things that in in your yoga practice that you found very useful and

00:22:54,160 --> 00:23:02,000
you would like to share with other people as well um yeah i would say physically what really helped me

00:23:02,000 --> 00:23:08,720
was getting uh so let's throw it out there for the extra sweaty ones i know you're out there i

00:23:08,720 --> 00:23:14,240
i was one of those people before i adapted to move lots of movement but get yourself a yoga rug

00:23:14,240 --> 00:23:21,200
or a yoga towel just goes on top of your mat and it provides more um traction for you so you don't

00:23:21,200 --> 00:23:30,240
slip around on a sweaty mat and grad and also the underrated um like a small hand towel or a rag

00:23:30,240 --> 00:23:36,960
of some sorts or even uh you can double it up and use it as two tools instead of getting a strap

00:23:36,960 --> 00:23:43,040
you just get an extra long um towel and you can use that as a strap and a towel and tell us these

00:23:43,040 --> 00:23:49,440
well because you can wipe sweat if you need to uh take care of that stuff um if you were to look at my

00:23:49,440 --> 00:23:55,680
practice though there's nothing around me i'm pretty minimalistic and i utilize uh everything

00:23:55,680 --> 00:24:02,160
that i've learned about my body um you do need a practice for a really long time to get to that point

00:24:02,160 --> 00:24:09,120
and outside of the physical thing what every single aspiring yogi should do you guys need to find

00:24:09,120 --> 00:24:15,920
a teacher that resonates with you this is really important um i'm sure you've gone through your high

00:24:15,920 --> 00:24:20,160
school you've gone through elementary you've gone through college i bet you you can remember

00:24:20,160 --> 00:24:26,560
teachers that have impacted your life and uh those teachers impacted you because they're able to

00:24:26,560 --> 00:24:33,600
transfer wisdom knowledge and experience to you with no friction when you go to a new yoga studio

00:24:33,600 --> 00:24:38,240
what kind of questions should you be you be asking your teacher to sort of gauge that they'll be

00:24:38,240 --> 00:24:45,440
compatible towards what you want out of your practice good questions ask your teacher um like

00:24:45,440 --> 00:24:52,400
what if you were like there and what would you ask your teacher for example yeah i would ask um

00:24:52,400 --> 00:25:00,160
what can i do uh because a lot of yoga in the us is it's all lead stuff and it's not really private yoga

00:25:00,160 --> 00:25:05,760
where you get uh hands on attention you go to a class and it's all lead and you get general cues

00:25:05,760 --> 00:25:12,080
so what i would ask my teacher is um hey like is there any resources i can tap into is there any

00:25:13,440 --> 00:25:19,680
anywhere else like a book or a movie or um a video that you've learned from that inspired you to

00:25:19,680 --> 00:25:26,160
become better in your practice what can i learn from uh what you've learned from and basically you're

00:25:26,160 --> 00:25:34,240
trying to figure out like what they have learned uh where they have learned it from and i believe

00:25:34,240 --> 00:25:40,560
that's a very powerful tool to be able to uh when your teachers able to provide those um resources to

00:25:40,560 --> 00:25:46,640
you because it tells you that they're well-learned and well studied and they actually care and when

00:25:46,640 --> 00:25:52,800
you have a teacher like that who's doing research outside of the class like serious research especially

00:25:52,800 --> 00:25:59,840
in um physiology not exactly trying to get a degree in it but perhaps taking courses to further

00:25:59,840 --> 00:26:05,840
their understanding of the human body this is a really really good thing to see in a teacher

00:26:05,840 --> 00:26:12,560
yeah some of the i remember when i started doing ash tanga i came from a very practical and businessy

00:26:12,560 --> 00:26:18,640
sort of perspective and i think some of the guys maybe more so the guys are very much interested in

00:26:18,640 --> 00:26:24,080
very segmenting everything and learning about the deep like how is this gonna work out i think

00:26:24,080 --> 00:26:30,320
everything needs to be known so i went to korey and she was very kind enough to accommodate me and

00:26:30,320 --> 00:26:35,360
took some time out to show me the studio i asked her the question like for for example how long does

00:26:35,360 --> 00:26:42,160
the class take what do i need to know about the class what kind of things do i need to um get before

00:26:42,160 --> 00:26:47,200
myself what can i wear i know everybody said that you know you don't really need to worry too much

00:26:47,200 --> 00:26:52,400
about what you're wearing just be on the mat but at the same time some of us or many people actually

00:26:52,400 --> 00:26:58,560
want a confirmation a physical confirmation from somebody that they're gonna work with it happens

00:26:58,560 --> 00:27:03,120
in all aspects of business i need to meet my supplier before i make a million dollar deal so it's

00:27:03,120 --> 00:27:10,000
kind of like that but you know very simple mannerism for some of the people which brings me to a

00:27:10,000 --> 00:27:16,160
very interesting question what is something that you might have noticed are challenges that people

00:27:16,160 --> 00:27:23,840
face during some of their yoga practices oh man uh my favorite challenge to watch people overcome

00:27:23,840 --> 00:27:29,120
and this generally does happen is when they first start out they're like watching everyone around

00:27:29,120 --> 00:27:34,960
them and they're trying to like perfect themselves and then you see them silently beating themselves

00:27:34,960 --> 00:27:42,560
up on the mat uh this is probably more uh exclusives to someone who taught like i did which was my

00:27:42,560 --> 00:27:47,760
store style where it wasn't led and i had a bunch of people all practicing at the same time

00:27:47,760 --> 00:27:54,400
but they were all doing their own thing in a series that i taught them and when i watched people

00:27:54,400 --> 00:28:01,520
overcome the perfectionist mindset and drop into their own body into their own mind into their own

00:28:01,520 --> 00:28:07,360
breath their practice is beautiful dude some people were just floundering and slipping and sweating

00:28:07,360 --> 00:28:13,280
in all this stuff but it was their practice they weren't watching anyone else they were kind of

00:28:13,280 --> 00:28:19,280
just rassling with their own um their own mind their own demons you could say i guess uh and what

00:28:19,280 --> 00:28:25,120
Corey and i like to call it was the the monkey mind you're finally able to quiet down and uh

00:28:25,120 --> 00:28:29,920
quiet down the chatter that's what we're really trying to do in yoga is um cut the noise out in the

00:28:29,920 --> 00:28:35,040
mind and just be presence um and that's what al shangu really was all about being present on the mat

00:28:35,040 --> 00:28:39,680
being there for you you know this this is so interesting and relatable with me when i practice

00:28:39,680 --> 00:28:48,400
al shangu i wear so i wear glasses when i practice yoga i tried contacts but that didn't work out

00:28:48,400 --> 00:28:54,880
too well for me because sweat starts getting in into your eyes so at the start when i started doing all

00:28:54,880 --> 00:29:02,960
of this i thought it was a bit of uh uh something i that would be a hindrance however over time

00:29:02,960 --> 00:29:10,800
i began to appreciate that i couldn't see anything in the class my practice was very ethereal

00:29:10,800 --> 00:29:17,600
it was as if there was an in there was a fog around me and i couldn't see anyone and i loved that

00:29:17,600 --> 00:29:25,200
because i cared only about my practice as selfish as that sounds at the same time my intention was

00:29:25,200 --> 00:29:32,880
not only just to have my own practice but was to give others to inspire others hey listeners

00:29:32,880 --> 00:29:38,080
before we jump back into our fascinating conversation let's take a moment to appreciate the

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00:30:18,160 --> 00:30:24,640
let's get back to our inspiring guest to make sure that they feel good about their practice as well

00:30:24,640 --> 00:30:30,160
they don't have to beat themselves up over something because you've seen how i practice i was

00:30:30,160 --> 00:30:38,000
floppering flipping like a crazy maniac sometimes i uh uh watching your practice i uh trace secretly

00:30:38,000 --> 00:30:45,040
nicknamed your practice and it was uh the fahad explosions because you would go into poses

00:30:45,040 --> 00:30:50,400
you would hold them for your five short breaths and then you would fucking apart my language

00:30:50,400 --> 00:30:55,680
you would explode out of that pose like and just throw it in the garbage you're like i'm done with this

00:30:56,640 --> 00:31:04,320
oh yeah i was your practice well if if anybody who's from that class is listening to this podcast first of

00:31:04,320 --> 00:31:10,720
all i am really sorry about that kind of explosion and then i would like to thank you for being so

00:31:10,720 --> 00:31:18,320
patient and being part of this journey with me so that was i was freaking amazing so yeah i mean is

00:31:18,320 --> 00:31:22,640
there anything else we can talk about yoga that you think we might have not covered because that's

00:31:22,640 --> 00:31:30,320
something that it's played a very important part of your life yeah um i think that's if any i'll just

00:31:30,320 --> 00:31:36,000
leave this uh the the listeners of this message if you guys if anyone out there is considering

00:31:36,000 --> 00:31:42,080
practicing yoga if it whatever reason it warmed its way into your head uh go start practicing go grab

00:31:42,080 --> 00:31:48,080
a mat get some cozy clothes uh usually yoga studios are gonna be well equipped with everything you

00:31:48,080 --> 00:31:55,040
need from blocks to straps uh probably even uh some sort of they have sanitizing fluid even

00:31:55,040 --> 00:32:00,000
afterwards i know pod touch on that and that's actually an important part of practice is cloneliness but

00:32:00,000 --> 00:32:07,440
yeah there there's a lot more to yoga than just the physical aspect and through the physical aspect

00:32:07,440 --> 00:32:14,720
we begin to access the inner realms of ourselves and the inner realms of uh yoga in a sense

00:32:15,360 --> 00:32:23,360
can totally save that for another podcast as i can go forever on that topic um but the main message

00:32:23,360 --> 00:32:29,120
here is that yoga draws your focus inward and i think fahad you kind of had a uh a blessing in

00:32:29,120 --> 00:32:34,160
disguise of the glasses coming off and you're having an inner world applaud you right away

00:32:34,160 --> 00:32:39,840
and you're not seeing anyone else which is kind of nice but yeah i leave you you guys with that

00:32:39,840 --> 00:32:46,160
message if you're an aspiring person who wants to go for some yoga um draw your senses inward

00:32:46,160 --> 00:32:52,960
and enjoy another aspect of any sort of physical training or spiritual training or work out or any of

00:32:52,960 --> 00:32:59,200
that sort is the social component of it and i think is there something that comes in the yoga

00:32:59,200 --> 00:33:05,360
community where you can be you can feel like you're part of something where you can talk to like

00:33:05,360 --> 00:33:11,120
minded people outside of the classroom and not just on the mat as well are there opportunities for

00:33:11,120 --> 00:33:17,920
that too? yeah uh absolutely um if you want to keep it yoga uh that's not out that's in the class

00:33:17,920 --> 00:33:23,200
or anything there's people who do offer like literal outdoor yoga which is pretty cool but

00:33:23,200 --> 00:33:30,800
typically if you chat it's just like anywhere you are in life the yoga studios gonna be similar

00:33:31,520 --> 00:33:36,560
typically in yoga studio you're gonna run into people who are pretty level headed uh they are

00:33:36,560 --> 00:33:42,480
very kind nice right off the bat and if you make friends with them you can

00:33:42,480 --> 00:33:48,400
select anything in life exchange numbers and do things you'd like to do together um

00:33:48,400 --> 00:33:55,440
cook an ariabetic meal go on a hike uh probably go and explore different yoga studios which is

00:33:55,440 --> 00:34:01,040
pretty fun to do with your yoga buddies actually uh i loved doing that because you get to go experience

00:34:01,040 --> 00:34:06,560
uh with your friends you bring a part of your community to another yoga community and you get to

00:34:06,560 --> 00:34:14,080
drive with those people too and i found that really fun honestly i did a lot of uh kind of um extra

00:34:14,080 --> 00:34:21,120
training he can say i i sought out uh special classes and i sought out special teachers um within the

00:34:21,120 --> 00:34:27,760
yoga sorry the ash tanga yoga realm and discovered that was a fun aspect of the all um community-wise

00:34:28,320 --> 00:34:33,120
when you were doing hardcore yoga and what maybe you don't need to go back to the past but for example

00:34:33,120 --> 00:34:39,280
i'll give you an example for myself what i used to do yoga i would take a pre-workout before the yoga

00:34:39,280 --> 00:34:46,240
i know it's out of place and uh usually to you take a pre-workout before a gym workout usually um

00:34:46,240 --> 00:34:53,440
so is there something that you used to do for specifically for your yoga class that really stood out

00:34:53,440 --> 00:35:00,880
when it comes to either nutrition or lifestyle uh yeah um sleeping is super important

00:35:00,880 --> 00:35:06,720
because uh when you're especially when you're first starting any physical practice uh focus on

00:35:06,720 --> 00:35:12,800
recovery because your body is just simply not used to doing this stuff uh so sleep and eating good

00:35:12,800 --> 00:35:20,080
obviously here and my rituals before class um i like taking a hot shower and some days i would

00:35:20,080 --> 00:35:25,680
actually hop on my bike and ride my bike to class before i took yoga uh that would properly warm my

00:35:25,680 --> 00:35:32,080
body up and make sure every all this snow-vill-fluid in the joints were presence and there um nothing

00:35:32,080 --> 00:35:38,880
was like really creaking any by the time i got to the yoga class uh but didn't really take any crazy

00:35:38,880 --> 00:35:45,120
stimulants before class i didn't take pre-workout but i did like uh having a cup of coffee um or an espresso

00:35:45,120 --> 00:35:51,440
because it's lower in liquid volume and very high in caffeine so you wouldn't have to take a pause

00:35:51,440 --> 00:35:58,160
out of your class and go use the restroom which always sucks uh so think of those things um and also

00:35:58,160 --> 00:36:03,520
you might want to eat something that's very digestible easy and light uh because you will be

00:36:03,520 --> 00:36:09,440
turning yourself into a pretzel um and i i'm pretty sure the crossfitters know but um you probably

00:36:09,440 --> 00:36:13,280
shouldn't eat too much before crossfit because they work out hard and we know what they do sometimes

00:36:14,240 --> 00:36:20,560
they lose their lunch all right now it's story time for for a moment so what are some

00:36:20,560 --> 00:36:28,640
something during your fitness and yoga career that really like a story something that stood out and

00:36:28,640 --> 00:36:36,480
you were like wow that's a memory to be kept for a while um i know we talked about the first class

00:36:36,480 --> 00:36:41,520
that you ever took which probably stands out but was there like one day during your yoga class like

00:36:41,520 --> 00:36:48,320
oh man something crazy just happened and i was like i need to keep this stored forever in my that's

00:36:48,320 --> 00:36:56,320
that kind of stuff yeah yeah uh cheese there's so many i just don't know which one to bring forth

00:36:56,320 --> 00:37:01,200
the funniest one well the funniest one honestly involves you

00:37:01,200 --> 00:37:06,240
and it'll never leave my mind oh you remember Halloween oh shit

00:37:08,800 --> 00:37:13,920
okay so i'll tell you i'll tell you a fun story then because this was a day where where i was

00:37:13,920 --> 00:37:21,920
feeling a little wonky um woke up is normal for my 4 30 practice to disclose a little bit um i had to

00:37:21,920 --> 00:37:29,920
start teaching at like uh 5 36 a.m so i would have to start my practice at 4 30 a.m and then i would

00:37:29,920 --> 00:37:35,200
start teaching and then after all that i would have to work my eight hour day um so i literally

00:37:35,200 --> 00:37:42,160
didn't have time to practice but um i remember just having an uneasy sleep the night before

00:37:42,160 --> 00:37:48,960
this class and i woke up kind of on the wrong side of the bed and i was in my head i was very in my head

00:37:48,960 --> 00:37:53,760
i was like yeah i'm gonna go in there i'm gonna just crush second series and i'm just going to

00:37:53,760 --> 00:38:02,480
uh smash away these worries that i have in my mind right now and i was very very very ultra

00:38:02,480 --> 00:38:10,080
serious about my practice and i was like feeling really good and get it i was uh very very internal and um

00:38:10,080 --> 00:38:16,880
i was going through uh second series so this is after practicing my first series i was already like

00:38:16,880 --> 00:38:21,920
45 minutes into my practice and so i was gonna take 15 minutes to practice some of second series and

00:38:21,920 --> 00:38:30,560
15 to do closing and uh get ready to teach and uh i look up from second pose on second series

00:38:31,440 --> 00:38:39,200
and here is fahad in full star wars regalia in the hot yoga class

00:38:39,200 --> 00:38:48,880
he's wearing a kaila ran mask of robe and everything and i just lost all of my focus

00:38:48,880 --> 00:38:58,960
and i just started laughing and my breathing was all wanked and messed up but i realized that uh man

00:38:58,960 --> 00:39:05,600
i i needed that i needed some lightness in my life and that's i uh this is probably something you

00:39:05,600 --> 00:39:11,760
have observed about me but i get really uh serious sometimes in life and i lose sight of the lightness

00:39:11,760 --> 00:39:19,840
and the comedy and uh the humor that can come along with life and uh just seeing you in star

00:39:19,840 --> 00:39:24,960
wars regalia in my very serious second series practice and kory chefer standing off

00:39:24,960 --> 00:39:31,440
no-touristic stance in the corner just staring and shaking her head that had me laughing so hard

00:39:31,440 --> 00:39:40,560
and i realized man life's good i work here let's just have a ball um from my perspective that day was

00:39:40,560 --> 00:39:47,520
all about a getting outside a comfort zone and uh just doing something out of the ordinary

00:39:47,520 --> 00:39:53,520
and i think there was a part of me that recognized that everybody in that classroom was like a sibling

00:39:53,520 --> 00:40:00,240
to me i noticed that everyone in that classroom had a certain journey they were taking and i saw

00:40:00,240 --> 00:40:05,920
those emotions man i didn't actually i didn't see them but i could feel those yeah it's called

00:40:05,920 --> 00:40:12,400
feeling energy man yeah so i saw that kind of mindset where sometimes people were bringing certain

00:40:12,400 --> 00:40:20,560
tensions into the room sometimes it was workplace politics perhaps sometimes like uh some gal would

00:40:20,560 --> 00:40:26,720
come up to me and say that hey i didn't have a great debt work or some y'all would say that you know

00:40:26,720 --> 00:40:33,120
life's not great i've had bad relationship stuff going on and so that was me as an opportunity to

00:40:33,120 --> 00:40:38,160
sort of break that shell a little bit and say that you know the best thing you can do sometimes is

00:40:38,160 --> 00:40:44,960
just laugh it out yeah and do something fun so that's always been the mentality and every single

00:40:44,960 --> 00:40:51,440
person in that class at that point for me like i said was a sibling there was that sort of camaraderie

00:40:51,440 --> 00:40:57,200
that made me want to do something like that for them so that was basically my my side of the crazy

00:40:57,200 --> 00:41:04,400
story um so i think we should start wrapping things up here we doubt really hardcore and use your wisdom

00:41:04,400 --> 00:41:08,080
and knowledge about yoga because that's very important and i think many people can really take

00:41:08,080 --> 00:41:12,240
this knowledge and apply it into their different parts of their life whether they want to do work

00:41:12,240 --> 00:41:19,280
weightlifting or they want to go do some hiking or biking i think the principle still remain the same

00:41:19,280 --> 00:41:26,080
about asking questions and uh being very mindful about what you're doing and so forth so is there

00:41:26,080 --> 00:41:34,080
any last message you have over here before we get into the final plugs yeah um we've made it through

00:41:34,080 --> 00:41:40,240
the yoga stories of a lifetime on this podcast and so if we were to extract anything out of that so

00:41:40,240 --> 00:41:48,240
i say if you are hard on yourself softening up the softening up a little bit give yourself some love some

00:41:48,240 --> 00:41:54,480
compassion a pat in the shoulder pat in the back um because at the end of the day you are your best fan

00:41:54,480 --> 00:41:59,600
and you're probably the last person you're talking to at the end of the day and um i think it's very

00:41:59,600 --> 00:42:05,760
important that you find inner peace um because that makes you fully available to help everyone that

00:42:05,760 --> 00:42:12,160
you love around you sounds great how can people find you or reach out to you if they have any questions

00:42:12,160 --> 00:42:20,320
or want to engage with you yeah um i have a public facebook page you can find me there just search my name

00:42:20,320 --> 00:42:28,560
kori benco or e-ype hn um i'll respond to messages over there if you guys have some questions about yoga

00:42:28,560 --> 00:42:35,600
please feel free to reach out um or you can just touch base on perhaps my email if you

00:42:35,600 --> 00:42:44,800
wish c-o-r-e-y n-o-m-a-e-s gmail.com uh kori nomis i'm pretty sure if i'll just drop that in show notes

00:42:44,800 --> 00:42:50,720
uh that's a that's a general email um it's not my private email but general go ahead and email that

00:42:50,720 --> 00:42:54,480
if you have some questions and you want to learn a little bit more about yoga or whatever

00:42:54,480 --> 00:43:00,240
sounds fantastic thank you for being on the show and in the future we will talk about other stuff

00:43:00,240 --> 00:43:06,560
besides yoga as well there's a lot to excavate. Perfect.

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