MCTs Increase Muscle Strength & Improve Daily Life Activities, New Study || BLURB

MCTs Increase Muscle Strength & Improve Daily Life Activities, New Study || BLURB


At Ketogeek, we currently use MCT(Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil in all of our Energy Pods. Recently, we posted about how MCTs can suppress fat gain compared to Long Chain Triglycerides(LCTs) but this new study(1) heard through Gabor Erdosi of Lower Insulin, shows promising results of MCTs helping with muscle strength and daily functions.


  • The study had 64 participants and 48 completed the trial
  • Participants were assigned in 3 groups:
    1. 2 grams Leucine(1), Cholecalciferol(2)(20 micrograms) & 6 grams /day of MCTs
    2. 6 grams/day of MCTs
    3. 6 grams /day of LCTs (Control group)
  • Changes were noted 4 times:
    • Baseline
    • 5 months later
    • 3 months later
    • 5 months after the trial ended
  • MCT group had improved and increased right-hand grip strength, right knee extension time, leg open and close test and number of swallows


Here are some of the salient takeaways:

  • The study is a single-blind randomized controlled trial so it's a strong study
  • The impact of MCT remained as long as the participants continued to consume the MCTs and dwindled after the trial so regular intake is necessary for results
  • The mechanisms proposed by authors could be due to increase in circulating ghrelin which could lead to an increase in growth hormone concentration
  • The increase in muscle mass associated with MCTs could be confounded with fat gain reflected in an increased BMI
  • Overall, MCTs helped with muscular strength and overall quality of life in aging individuals


We use 6-9 grams of MCTs per Energy Pod which is above the amount used in the trial. Daily consuming our Energy Pods could yield similar outcomes based on this trial and offer beneficial effects stated here. It is also important to note that MCT oil is one of the many healthy ingredients and beneficial components that are part of the overall product so you get more than just potential benefits of MCTs in there. Make it part of your daily diet!


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  1. Leucine: A dietary amino acid that can stimulate muscle protein synthesis
  2. Cholecalciferol: Vitamin D3, also produced when skin is exposed to sunlight


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