MCT Oil is More Satiating Than Coconut Oil || BLURB

MCT Oil is More Satiating Than Coconut Oil || BLURB


Since we use MCT oil at Ketogeek for our Energy Pods, we get questions if coconut oil is equivalent to MCT oil when it comes to fat loss or inducing satiety. The answer is no, as addressed by the following human trial


  • The study consisted of 28 male or female participants who consumed isocaloric 205 calories from a 348 calorie smoothie at breakfast
  • The participants were blinded to the study with a smoothie containing MCTs, Coconut Oil or Vegetable Oil(Control group)
  • At lunch, the energy intake was as follows:
    • Control: 1680 Calories
    • MCT: 1438 Calories
    • Coconut: 1612 Calories
  • Total daily energy intake:
    • Control: 2992 Calories
    • MCT: 2564 Calories
    • Coconut: 2712 Calories
  • Participants found Coconut Oil smoothie to be less palatable(tasty) as well.


Here are some of the salient takeaways:

  • MCT oil is superior to Coconut oil when it comes to reducing Energy Intake and inducing satiety
  • Since Coconut oil has an aroma and taste to it, the participants preferred the inert taste of MCT oil
  • It’s important to note that just because something is less palatable doesn’t make it more satiating


We use 6-9 grams of MCTs per Energy Pod which is above the amount used in the trial. Recently, we wrote about MCTs increasing muscle strength and improving daily life activities and how it suppresses fat gain compared to LCT or Long Chain Triglycerides. Maybe it’s time to incorporate Energy Pods into your diet where we use the best ingredients combined with the latest science into a single product?


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  1. Leucine: A dietary amino acid that can stimulate muscle protein synthesis
  2. Cholecalciferol: Vitamin D3, also produced when skin is exposed to sunlight


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