MCT Oil Suppresses Fat Gain Compared to Long Chain Triglyceride || BLURB

MCT Oil Suppresses Fat Gain Compared to Long Chain Triglyceride || BLURB


Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs are a key component of our Energy Pods and this recent study compares MCTs to Long Chain Triglycerides or LCTs. One of the highlights of this study was looking at Gastric Inhibitory Polypeptide(GIP) which has a key role in secreting insulin and hypersecretion of GIP which is associated with fat storage and insulin resistance and GIP also inhibits gastric secretion.


In this new study(1), rodents were fed both a diet with MCTs and LCTs with single doses and also for the long term.


Here are some of the salient takeaways:

  • With a single dose, LCTs caused secretion of GIP while MCT oil did not.
  • Long term, LCT diet-induced GIP hypersecretion and significantly more body weight and fat mass compared to MCT fed diet, latter not inducing GIP hypersecretion
  • In mice without the ability to secrete GIP, both LCT and MCT mice gained similar but still significantly different fat mass and body weight highlighting the association of GIP with body weight and fat mass gain.
  • The composition of fat may play a crucial role in how it impacts fat and weight gain.
  • In a nutshell, MCT enriched foods can be beneficial in suppressing body weight and fat mass compared to LCT enriched foods.


What this study doesn't mean is to start chugging down MCT oil as it can have a terrible gastric response. This means that MCTs can be correctly emulsified or small teaspoons can be added to certain recipes to aid in fat loss or to suppress fat gain. Our Energy Pods contain a combination of Short, Medium and Long Chain triglycerides which are further derived from both plant and animal-sourced. This could be one of the reasons why our product has been reported to have an appetite-suppressing effect.


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