Unmasking the Hidden Dangers of Internet Recipes: Your Health Could Be At Risk!

Unmasking the Hidden Dangers of Internet Recipes: Your Health Could Be At Risk!

Are you always searching for new recipes online to spice up your home cooking? It turns out that those internet recipes might not be as healthy as you think! A study(1) published in 2017 discovered that many of those mouth-watering dishes might be causing more harm than good.

The research looked at 5,237 main meal recipes from the popular food website Allrecipes.com. These recipes were compared with 100 main meal recipes from five bestselling cookbooks by famous celebrity chefs and 100 ready meals from leading UK supermarkets. The study used nutritional guidelines published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UK Food Standards Agency to determine the healthiness of these meals.

The shocking results? Internet recipes were found to be less healthy than both TV chef recipes and supermarket ready meals. In fact, only six out of the 5,237 internet recipes complied with the WHO recommendations. Yikes!

To break it down further, internet recipes were more likely to meet WHO guidelines for protein content. However, they fell short when it came to fat, saturated fat, and fiber. More internet recipes met the criteria for sodium density than ready meals, but fewer than TV chef meals. No significant differences were observed for sugar content between internet recipes and TV chef recipes. It’s also very important to note that scientists observed that this trend remained the same year after year!

So, what does this mean for all of us who rely on the internet for our culinary inspiration? We need to be cautious and aware that these recipes may contribute to the rise of lifestyle-related illnesses like obesity. Moreover, these unhealthy recipes may become popular and eventually turn into the processed foods we see in grocery stores, causing a chain reaction of poor health outcomes. This problem becomes even more expansive once we factor in social media diet camps, YouTube cooking channels, sensational TikTok videos and obesogenic foods on Instagram where there is even less moderation and extremism within food, diet and health communities.

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