The Power of Guar Gum: How It Can Help Control Blood Sugar Levels

The Power of Guar Gum: How It Can Help Control Blood Sugar Levels

Guar gum is a type of fiber that is commonly added to foods to improve texture, and it has also been found to have potential health benefits. A study(1) conducted in 1989 investigated the effects of guar gum on blood glucose and insulin levels, as well as gastric emptying.

The study involved nine healthy male subjects who consumed meals containing different doses of guar gum after a 12-hour fast. The results showed that the rise in blood glucose was lower after consuming meals that contained guar gum compared to the control meal without guar gum. In addition, the higher the dose of guar gum, the greater the reduction in the postprandial rise in insulin. Guar gum was also found to reduce the variation between individuals and the initial rate of gastric emptying, leading to a reduced absorption rate.

Interestingly, the effectiveness of guar gum in reducing the postprandial response was lost after heating and homogenization for canning. The study concluded that the reduced absorption of glucose and hydroxyproline, an amino acid added to all meals, was an effect of a slower gastric emptying rate.

Guar gum, at tolerable dosage, is potentially a safe, and effective way to improve digestion and manage blood sugar levels. Our Energy Pods use up to 0.3g non-heated guar gum as an ingredient that also enhances the texture of the product. By focusing on the science that works, our healthy and processed foods like Energy Pods can help solve the world's problems by providing a tangible and convenient solution to the public, instead of relying on buzz words such as ‘natural’, ‘real’ or ‘whole’ foods which have no scientific meaning.

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