Does Raising Ketones Speed Up or Cause Fat Loss?

Does Raising Ketones Speed Up or Cause Fat Loss?

When we started Ketogeek, we thought that you could eat as much fat as you want on a Ketogenic Diet and you'd lose fat. Interestingly, for a whole lot of people that approach seemed to work. However, through great conversations with people like Luis Villasenor, Tyler Cartwright, Amy Berger & Ted Naiman who are well experienced on the matter of fat loss, we came to realize that consuming empty sources of fats such as bulletproof coffee and adding mounds of butter to the food plate for the sake of "being in ketosis" or getting a higher ketone number on the ketone meters was causing fat loss stalls and in several instances, weight gain.


One of the members in our Ketogeek community member who had purchased a blood ketone meter brought something interesting to our attention. Over time, anecdotally, a lot of people in the state of ketosis were having their blood ketone numbers drop. The theory behind this might be that they are getting better at utilizing ketones and may have "adapted" to ketosis. We aren't sure. However, at the same time, ingestion of carbs 'knocks you out of ketosis' as well and the numbers drop. Now this brings us to the interesting paradox, "am I getting better at using ketones over time or getting kicked out of it or maybe... is my body just not geared for ketosis?" Add in to the fact that ketone measurement tools seem rather inaccurate and the levels of ketones are very subjective. All of this leads to an endless goose chase where people are perpetually testing ketones and posting images on social media showcasing their pee and blood ketone strips. We just don't think that any diet should be a sacrificial blood and pee ritual and recommend to keep diet simple for people who aren't fighting chronic conditions.


Before we get in further, it's important that majority of people want to look good with least amount of body fat. This makes us confident, feel good, signifies fertility and provides us with functional attributes in real life. It would be harsh lie to deny our superficial desire to be jacked, lean or slim to the gills. If that's not the goal, we have other "superficial" goals such as getting a new car, finding a great partner or whatever our priorities are. Denying this intrinsic nature and desire is a big fat lie(see what I did there?) In other words, many people get on a Ketogenic Diet to gain the therapeutic and health benefits AND lose weight. This topic will be pried further in the future in the context of human evolution and social dynamics as to why humans behave this way. For now, lets go back...


For fat loss, we've noticed plenty of anecdotes of people who seem to gain weight on a Ketogenic or low carb diet. One contributing factor could be because of perpetually chasing higher levels of ketones or 'deeper ketosis' which can be done endogenously by consuming a lot of empty fat sources or by consuming a lot of exogenous ketones. Such exogenous and endogenous ways of elevating ketones can buffer, stall and increase stored body fat. For fat loss, the goal revolves around torching away stored body fat by prioritizing bodyfat as the fuel. Knowing all this new information, we changed course at Ketogeek when it comes to diet and nutrition. Does this make us anti-fat? Nope! "Fat gives things flavor" by Julia Child is a FACT! 😎 We love it and make fatty products, including Ghee which is pure and delicious fat!
We just don't think overdoing it is a good idea for fat loss. With that being said, jacking up fat and ketones may have beneficial effects for combating certain chronic conditions. At Ketogeek we focus on good quality foods with lots of nutrients and think of ketosis as a side-effect of a good diet rather than something to strive for as the main goal of a diet... Steak, eggs, Pods, simple foods & simple diet... while chasing amazing experiences in life with great people, beyond just food and nutrition. Live the human experience.


Our goal has always been to chase the human experience. A life shackled isn't worth living whether the shackles are from food, nutrition, constantly tracking food and biomarkers or whatever grips you. However, for some people, such shackles may just be routines with a rewarding experience that leads them to make breakthroughs in life. The world doesn't end with food and nutrition and at Ketogeek, we like to trade our time one earth with experiences, leaving a legacy, adding value to the lives of others and becoming good human beings as a whole. Hence, for us, we like to keep the diet simple and hunt for great experiences in life. You can too, with whatever works for you... even if it's abysmal(yes, we're biased and skeptical!)

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