Episode 27: The Role of Omega 6 Fatty Acids in Modern Chronic Condtions || Tucker Goodrich

Episode 27: The Role of Omega 6 Fatty Acids in Modern Chronic Condtions || Tucker Goodrich

When we were developing our Energy Pods, we wanted to know how various types of fats changed the composition of the product itself and how they would impact the body in the long run. In this podcast, we look at heart disease, obesity, cancer and various chronic condition and how Omega 6 fatty acids and various fats impact humans and animals. It also explains why we preferably use Ghee & MCT Oil which are saturated fats in all our products.


Tucker is a technology executive in the financial industry who designs, runs and debugs complex systems. He started using the same approach for his own health after dealing with a couple of medical issues and realizing that the ‘solutions’ offered by medical professionals weren’t working or addressing root causes.


0:25 – Ketogeek Chocolate Fudge Energy Pod on Amazon!

8:07 – Tucker’s journey into low carb and keto

15:20 – Relationship between sunburn and diet

19:25 – Composition of fatty acid and its effect on the composition of the body

21:59 – Cancer and Omega 6 fatty acids

23:55 – Seed oils and cardiovascular health

30:12 – Affect of omega 6 at biochemical and cellular level

40:12 – Biochemistry of atherosclerosis plaque formation, necrosis and disease progression

48:08 – Antibodies and autoimmune reactions

50:14 – Susceptibility of various fats to decay and detoxification

52:07 – How did humans and animals evolve to deal with Omega 6 fatty acids?

55:53 – Why do we have different types of fats, carbs and proteins?

58:21 – What’s up with the Japanese, diet and longevity?

1:02:22 – Okinawan diet, life expectancy, meat consumption and veganism

1:06:37 – How humans and animals physiology deals with various types of fats and high omega 6?

1:11:57 – How dental health is a good predictor of diet

1:40:00 – How much omega 6 do you need and not need?

1:16:30 – Ruminant, pig and chicken meat comparison


1:20:01 – Why lactose intolerance may be a myth

1:24:41 – How are fats effected over time?

1:27:06 – Fish Chips

1:28:05 – How would you design a diet?

1:29:02 – American, French and Israeli diet paradox

1:30:21 – Why linoleic acid is worse than trans fats and the fat disaster

1:31:31 – The most common gene mutation in humanity

1:34:53 – Final Plug