How Energy Pods are Made

Each Energy Pod is not just a nutritious and tasty snack and meal replacement but also a culinary marvel. Discover below each step required to make an Energy Pod and how they push chocolate-making and culinary experience to the next level. 

Exploring the Science

We look directly at robust nutrition and food research while engaging with world-class researchers and experts to deduce which ingredients may be deemed potentially beneficial and nutritious.

Hand-Picking the Best Ingredients

We acquire ingredients that are tested for quality, sustainability, and supportive of localized infrastructures.

We Prepare the Ingredients

Key ingredients are prepared for processing in-house to ensure the highest culinary standards.

Melanging and Conching

Energy Pod ingredients are processed using high-end chocolate-making equipment inside melangers for 48 hours per batch to particle sizes under 20 microns. This ensures a silky smooth and rich texture that is more flavorful than traditional artisan chocolate bars.

Advanced Chocolate Making

Not only do we maintain a high quality control and unique active processing methods but also employ advanced chocolate-making techniques and metrics to ensure that every Energy Pod attains a silky smooth texture that is superior to high-end craft chocolate-making.

Pouring and Sealing

Each Energy Pod is hand-poured and sealed with a unique golden seal and paperboard spoon that is custom engineered for our product.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Each Energy Pod is then packed in boxes of 8 while ensuring that all components of the product are recyclable or compostable.

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