Wine could make you eat more calories than beer or soft drinks, study finds

Wine could make you eat more calories than beer or soft drinks, study finds

Have you ever wondered how drinking wine, beer, or soft drinks affects your food intake? A study(1) investigated the effect of these three beverages on food and total energy intake in non-obese men. The study found that wine, in particular, may enhance total energy intake at a meal relative to a soft drink when served with no restriction.

The study involved 22 young men who were presented with a supper meal consisting of three consecutive dishes. Ad libitum energy intakes (EI) of the meal were measured at three different occasions in a crossover design with red wine, lager beer, or a carbonated soft drink. In the ad libitum beverage study, total EI was higher with wine than with the soft drink and beer. In the fixed beverage study, differences in total EI did not reach statistical significance, although the intake of goulash was higher with wine and beer than with the soft drink.

It's important to note that while alcoholic beverages may increase total energy intake at a meal, the type of beverage matters. Wine, in particular, may have a greater impact on food intake than beer or soft drinks. So, next time you're out to eat, consider opting for water or zero calorie beverage instead of that glass of wine if you're trying to watch your calorie intake.

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