What are Energy Pods || Energy Pod TV (Ep. 1)

What are Energy Pods || Energy Pod TV (Ep. 1)

Whether you're keto, low carb or simply looking for a shelf stable and high quality sugar-free snack, we give you the new and finalized Energy Pods.

Learn about the product, how it is made and what makes it so special.

0:00 Introduction

0:34 The problem with modern foods

1:57 What are Energy Pods?

3:48 The sweeteners used in the Energy Pods

4:47 MCT Oil and Whey protein for energy and recovery

5:26 Why it takes 72 hours to make one Energy Pod

6:54 Crush-resistant packaging, oil-resistant seal and compostable paperboard spoon

7:30 How to consume an Energy Pod

8:20 Energy Pod and our vision to empower you