The Deep Transformative Experience of a Veteran Turned Winemaker | David Grega

The Deep Transformative Experience of a Veteran Turned Winemaker | David Grega

From being in shape to weigh more than 300 pounds to making world-class wines in Napa Valley, David shares his unique, inspirational, and extremely deep philosophical journey, his transformation back to being lean, and the pearls of wisdom he has acquired over these extreme highs and lows.


David is a combat veteran turned winemaker living in the Napa Valley. His focus is on discovering more about who and what he is and pursuing the highest potential in all aspects of life, personal, professional, spiritual, and physical. He shares his perspective while inspiring others to have the courage necessary to live in the most honest and open way possible. He has overcome several barriers in life including his health journey from being lean to over 300lbs and then losing weight to become lean again.



1:20 Updates on Energy Pods and explanation

13:30 How did you get into a health and fitness lifestyle?

16:50 What was a daily routine in the military like?

20:02 How was your transition from military to civilian life?

25:03 How did you get into the wine world?

31:21 Starting a wine business vs. working as a winemaker for a company

32:42 How tough and competitive is the wine industry?

36:38 What started your transformation and philosophies in life?

42:15 How is the Jesuit sect different from other sects of Christianity?

46:42 How did you transform your life after gaining weight and facing life-threatening health deterioration after the military?

51:45 What kept you going during these struggles?

56:31 How "Batman" inspires him to tailor his diet!

59:06 How can a society develop a moral framework?

1:04:06 How do you perceive 'truth'?

1:07:22 The connection between truth and morality

1:14:19 What is wine, types of wine, and wine as a metaphor?

1:23:11 What do you do when you're handed your first bottle of wine and want to get started on drinking wine?

1:30:06 Why smart consumerism is essential in the food and wine world

1:35:40 Poor metabolic health and its correlation with COVID and various diseases

1:41:17 Final message for the audience

1:42:33 Final plugs


Instagram: David Grega (@warriorgrega)