This Fat in Energy Pods Reduces Food Intake, Scientific Studies Say

This Fat in Energy Pods Reduces Food Intake, Scientific Studies Say

At Ketogeek, when we work with an ingredient, we carefully evaluate the science behind what we are adding. MCT(medium-chain triglycerides) Oil, a type of naturally occurring fat found in many foods, is currently used in our Energy Pods that, based on this review paper(1), showed that it can reduce energy intake, especially compared to longer-chain triglycerides.

In this paper, scientists pooled seventeen studies, bringing the sample size to 291 participants, were included and these showed a significant decrease in energy intake by regularly consuming MCTs, especially compared to LCTs. This reduction in energy intake was agnostic to appetite.

A key feature of MCTs is that they don't get stored in the body and are directly converted to energy which may be one of the reasons why MCTs help reduce energy intake.

A major concern with taking MCTs is that on their own they can cause digestive distress but incorporating MCTs properly into food drastically reduces or removes that problem. That's why many of our customers have reported no digestive issues while consuming Energy Pods. 

MCTs are one of the many ingredients we use in our Energy Pods that have a beneficial impact on our health. The world needs better processed and healthy foods. Energy Pods pave the way to a better human future. Go get some!