The Difference Between Ice-Cream, Gelato, Sherbet, Sorbet and Frozen Cream

The Difference Between Ice-Cream, Gelato, Sherbet, Sorbet and Frozen Cream

At Ketogeek, we've created 'super ice cream' which is the creamiest and richest frozen dessert you can ever try in your life! A bonus point is that it is extremely healthy with no added sugar and high protein while being completely shelf stable and loaded with nutrients. We call it 'frozen cream' and here it is different from an ice cream, a gelato, and a sorbet. 

 Ice-Cream Energy Pod


Ice cream can be found everywhere and is a global delicacy enjoyed by countless people. Key features are:

  • High milk fat content of 14-25%
  • Fluffy, creamy, and airy texture churned in an ice cream maker
  • Served at the 6-10F temperature

Gelato Energy Pod


Gelato is made from milk, cream, and sweetener and originates from Italy.

  • Milk fat content is 4-9%
  • Gelatos are churned slowly which allows less air to form and this creates a much dense and thick texture
  • Served usually between 10-22F

Sorbet Energy Pod


Sorbet is fruit puree and sweetener. This makes it a dairy-free option. Initially, the sorbet was used as a palate cleanser between large courses and was eventually introduced in French cafes as a dessert during the seventeenth century.

  • Fat content is very low since it has no cream in it
  • The texture is icy, light and easily melts in the mouth
  • Consumed during warmer temperatures, the ideal serving temperature is 10-22F

Sherbet Energy Pod


Sherbet is a frozen dessert made using fruit puree, sweetener, and a small amount of milk.

  • The fat content is 1-2%
  • It is less creamy and less rich but still has some creaminess compared to sorbet. Sherbet does impart stronger flavors.
  • Because of its coolness and rapid melting, it is served on warm days at a 10-22F temperature

Frozen cream Energy Pod

Frozen Cream

This was first innovated by us at Ketogeek by simply taking an Energy Pod and freezing it. 

  • Fat content is 60-70% with no water content and no air due to an extremely slow process that takes days
  • The texture is very rich and very creamy with powerful flavors imparted with each small bite.
  • Energy Pod frozen creams are best served between 10-22F and remain soft and crystal free at frozen temperatures. 

If you're interested in tasting the tastiest, healthiest, and most innovative form of frozen dessert unlike anything in the world, try our Energy Pods by freezing them. Since the Energy Pods have healthy ingredients and a stellar nutritional profile, they will, unlike the other forms of frozen desserts, be completely guilt-free and contribute towards healthy living.