How to End Diabetes & Obesity: Start by Recognizing Junk Processed Information

How to End Diabetes & Obesity: Start by Recognizing Junk Processed Information

How many people do you know that go from one diet to another while regaining all their weight back? How many intellects do you know who die on the hill of their ideology while parroting unsustainable and restrictive diets and lifestyles? The universal human diet, before the bombardment of poor science, unending diets, and lifestyle books was very simple: find the tastiest food and eat it.

Modern processed foods will be the centerpiece of breaking away from sick care to preventative care. This would require a complete makeover of food and nutrition science. A bottom-up approach that comprehensively understands the food's structure will be a prerequisite for this buildup of knowledge. Above all, we need consumers to invest in such a vision and bring healthy processed foods into their life.

Right now, we don't even have the quality science needed to create better-processed foods. Humanity is so focused on superficial and short-term pleasures, a false sense of comfort, and dopamine cycles that we have lost our focus on dreaming and innovating. Buying a luxury car, not for comfort but to look better, is the norm of our time. We have stopped caring for our health and it shows.

When we created the Energy Pods, our vision was not only to create the healthiest and tastiest food product in the market but also to usher in a generation of explorers and scientists who want to delve deep into understanding our foods. When we lose our capacity or appreciation for innovation, we shoot ourselves into the food with extreme diets such as the carnivore diet whose biggest innovation is scraping money from those who are afraid of using discarded organ meat supplements and salt. Yes, some people are paying money to buy salt because their nutrition guru said so even though in our country, we are consuming higher than RDA levels of sodium.

When are we going to step back and focus on our health and take things seriously? When will we stop running on autopilot or sensationalist nonsense that makes us more ignorant than in the past? We need to change. We are putting our effort and time into creating Energy Pods, a meal for the future of humanity. Join us on this journey. Let us leave an impact for those after us while we are still not six feet under.