The Wise Swap: From Sugar to Non-Nutritive Sweeteners for Better Health

The Wise Swap: From Sugar to Non-Nutritive Sweeteners for Better Health

Sugar is everywhere, from drinks to snacks to spreads, you name it! It has multiple names: fruit sugar, cane sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, table sugar, coconut sugar, and so on. Today, let's talk about why switching from sugar to non-nutritive sweeteners may be a good idea. 

Sugar is part of history and culture

Whether used as a preservative, a source of energy or to make foods tastier, there's no denying sugar has played a critical role in global cultures and driving economic growth. Sugars are naturally found in fruits and industrially obtained from sugar canes, sugar beets(a tuber!), corn, date, maple, and coconut.

These sugars are very similar in digestion

Contrary to popular marketing claims and from a biological standpoint, sugars only differ in the ratio of fructose to glucose. Fructose is digested in our liver which doesn't stimulate insulin release but large amounts are stored in the liver. Glucose is absorbed in the bloodstream and excess is stored as body fat. Meanwhile, the trace minerals present in different types of sugar don't provide substantial health benefits. 

Glucose is Excellent for Athletes

When we perform rigorous workouts, our blood sugars drop. Our muscles and liver carry extra stores of glucose in the form of glycogen that helps replenish our blood sugars so that we can perform at optimal levels. Notice that all sugars are close to equal parts fructose and glucose which means that these conventional sugars are not the most efficient fuel for athletes when it comes to optimal performance.

Nearly All of Us Can Do Away With Sugar!

When we are working at our office or participating in activities that don't require bursts of muscle use, we don't need excess sugars in our bodies. Since excess sugars are stored in our bodies when we are not physically exerting ourselves like elite athletes, who are better off with pure glucose rather than conventional sugar, inside an octagon or field and can lead to chronic diseases down the road, replacing sugars with non-nutritive sweeteners for daily use rather than a performance boost is a great solution. In simple terms, adding excess sugar to our diet is like constantly adding jet fuel to an airplane that is mostly idling! With sweeteners, we can get all the tastiness and none of the excess energy!

Those Thanksgiving and Christmas Desserts are ok

Extreme dieting almost always results in short-term results and long-term failures when it comes to our nutrition and health. Unless there is a medical concern with sugar intake, having a sugary dessert on special occasions can be a great way to indulge once in a while with friends and family. At the end of the day, what we do regularly is more effective than once-a-month indulgences at gatherings.

CocoZen and Energy Pods Are Sugar-Free

Now you know why switching from sugar to sugar-free is a fantastic idea and a great default way to eat food from a biological point of view. All of our current products use natural anti-oxidants as sweeteners which provide all the sweetness and none of the excess energy from sugars. 

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