Spoiler Alert: The Person Telling You Not to Eat Processed Foods is Selling You Processed Foods

Spoiler Alert: The Person Telling You Not to Eat Processed Foods is Selling You Processed Foods

Modern packaged and processed foods are the low-hanging fruit used by charlatans and nutrition extremists to sell their version of processed foods or junk information to use your labor to create your own processed foods.

Recipes & Recipe Books

Let us be honest: every single food recipe is merely a step-by-step method to process food using your own labor cost and ingredients while renting your own kitchen. Many recipe purveyors dislike modern processed foods because a food scientist who creates innovative foods for a living is always going to create superior foods compared to a home chef. Through a combination of envy, fear-mongering, and a thirst for self-validation and monetization, such forms of processed information merely toss the masses from one hot oven to another.

Junk Supplements

From salt and electrolyte mixes to overpriced protein powders to probiotics that are based on, at best, poor science, or at worst, dangerous claims, are all ultra-processed foods but under the charlatans in the nutrition world, these ultra-processed foods gain a redemption arc. This is one of the biggest misleading industries based on overblown claims and high-profit margins for massive marketing campaigns. The insanity in the supplement industry doesn't just stop there but continues with overblown claims of extracts, concentrates, and isolates that take advantage of the ignorance of the masses while yielding no constructive innovation for mankind.

Boxed Meal & Subscription Services

Whether you have a service that delivers frozen meals to your home or a meal kit that literally is no better than you cooking from scratch, these unsustainable and overpriced services, padded with massive marketing budgets, are also processed foods found usually at your grocery store but re-packaged into a subscription service. They are all processed foods.

Most People Want to Look Good, Not Be Good

We live in the age of buzzwords and information sensationalism. The crusade against processed foods, only to sell even more processed foods and products, merely goes to show that humanity has taken the trajectory of ignorance and lacks the tools to discern junk information online. The truth is: everything is processed and if someone has a vendetta against processed foods, more than likely they are lying about the fact they are selling their own version of processed foods and information to you.