Protein Supplements Don't Improve Muscle Strength in Older Adults, Study Finds

Protein Supplements Don't Improve Muscle Strength in Older Adults, Study Finds

 Protein is a vital nutrient that plays a key role in our bodies. It helps build and repair muscle, and has been suggested as a way to counter age-related muscle loss. But is taking protein supplements really effective in maintaining muscle mass and strength in older adults? A recent study(1) says no.

The study, published in a scientific journal, assessed the effect of protein supplementation on lean body mass, muscle strength, and physical performance in nonfrail community-dwelling older adults. The researchers conducted a systematic literature search of 36 studies and found no significant effects of protein supplementation on changes in lean body mass, handgrip strength, lower extremity muscle strength, gait speed, or chair-rise ability. In other words, taking protein supplements did not lead to increased muscle mass, strength, or physical performance compared to a control group.

Why did the study find this result? The study participants had already sufficient protein intake, and the type, amount, and timing of protein interventions varied. In addition, the researchers found no superior effects of protein supplementation during resistance exercise training on muscle characteristics.

So, what can older adults do to maintain muscle mass and strength? The key is to maintain a healthy diet that provides adequate protein, along with regular exercise, especially resistance training.

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In conclusion, protein supplementation, ensuring adequate protein in diet, in nonfrail community-dwelling older adults does not lead to increases in muscle mass, strength, or physical performance. The best way to maintain muscle mass and strength is through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Energy Pods are a convenient and delicious way to meet your adequate daily protein needs and support a healthy lifestyle. Each Energy Pod contains 10 grams of protein which is about 15% protein per Pod.

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