Debunking Palm Oil Myths: The Truth Behind the Controversy

Debunking Palm Oil Myths: The Truth Behind the Controversy

Palm oil, a common ingredient in a variety of products, often finds itself at the center of environmental and health discussions. This article aims to address some of the myths surrounding palm oil, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices and informed choices. We'll also touch on how products like our Energy Pods and CocoZen utilize sustainably sourced palm oil.

Myth 1: All Palm Oil is Environmentally Destructive

The Reality: Palm oil production has faced criticism for environmental concerns, particularly deforestation. However, it's important to note that not all palm oil production is inherently harmful. Sustainable practices can significantly mitigate environmental impacts. In fact, palm oil has a higher yield per hectare than other vegetable oils like soybean or coconut oil, meaning it requires less land to produce the same amount of oil, potentially reducing the overall environmental footprint.

Myth 2: Palm Oil is Unhealthy

The Reality: Palm oil is sometimes viewed as unhealthy, but it's actually a source of beneficial nutrients, including antioxidants and vitamin E. Its health impact largely depends on processing methods and overall diet balance.

Myth 3: Palm Oil's Use is Limited to Non-Food Products

The Reality: While palm oil is versatile, extending beyond the food industry to cosmetics and biofuels, it's also a valuable culinary ingredient. In food products, palm oil offers stability and a unique texture, enhancing the taste and quality of items like our Energy Pods and CocoZen.

Myth 4: There's No Such Thing as Sustainable Palm Oil

The Reality: Sustainable palm oil production is not only possible but is increasingly being adopted. Standards set by organizations like the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) ensure that palm oil is produced responsibly, prioritizing environmental, social, and economic aspects. In fact, the palm oil used in our CocoZen and Energy Pods is obtained by following a strict “No deforestation, no peat, no exploitation (NDPE)” policy

Sustainable Palm Oil in Our Products

We use certified sustainable palm oil in our Energy Pods and CocoZen, reflecting our commitment to ethical and environmentally conscious practices.

The Role of Consumer Awareness

Consumer choices can drive the industry towards more sustainable practices. By choosing products with responsibly sourced palm oil, you can support positive change.


Understanding the complexities of palm oil production is key to making informed decisions. By choosing products that use sustainably sourced palm oil, like our Energy Pods and CocoZen, you contribute to a more responsible consumption pattern.

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