Opti-Fast & Long Term Effectiveness of a Low Calorie Diet || BLURB

Opti-Fast & Long Term Effectiveness of a Low Calorie Diet || BLURB

Blurbs are quick less than 2 minute reads under 300 words based on some interesting find here at Ketogeek and would share with you guys! These are short and quick practical takeaways from some of the studies we read. Science is always growing and piling on so one study or write-up doesn't equate to something set in stone. Lets continue to learn!


Recently, I came across a couple of people who swore by Opti-Fast and were newly into a medically supervised intervention. I decided to look at the research to see what was going on which led me to this paper(1) to see what we can learn.


Here are some of the salient takeaways:

  • Data was collected from 10,693 participants who underwent the intervention
  • When it comes to fat loss, the initial results are promising during the interventional phase
  • The intervention phase included the usage of low-calorie bars(Robard bars) and shakes(Opti-Fast) starting from week 2 to 16 with a minimum of 960 calories per participant with some scale-up depending on the BMI.
  • Transition to regular food was started in week 17 and as noted in the figure above, weight regains started then which somewhat made an average 6.1kg or 13.4lbs or 5.8% difference.


We can notice that clinical intervention with a low-calorie diet did improve weight while the participants consumed the diet but they regained most of the weight over time. Though these results showed clinical significance, they may not be a feasible framework for real-world outcomes for the general public. It is also important to note that the weight lost was primarily using processed foods so it can be noted that we can leverage food processing to our advantage for more public intervention.

Consumers demand convenient foods that yield positive health outcomes. The goal should be to understand mechanisms and provide consumers with foods that they can stick to for the long run while nutritionists and practitioners should not let dogmatic and naturalist tendencies prevent them from using interventional foods that can work for the betterment of the public.


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