Can MCT & Cocoa Help With Obesity & Diabetes? || BLURB

Can MCT & Cocoa Help With Obesity & Diabetes? || BLURB

Blurbs are quick less than 2 minute reads under 300 words based on some interesting find here at Ketogeek and would share with you guys! These are short and quick practical takeaways from some of the studies we read. Science is always growing and piling on so one study or write-up doesn't equate to something set in stone. Lets continue to learn!


At Ketogeek, we use a bottom-up approach using science to ingredients to recipe when it comes to manufacturing a product. In the world of food processing, many dietary studies have too many variables which can cloud the effect of ingredients and the synergy between them so our focus is on an approach with more concrete science.


Recently we came across these two rodent studies(1)(2). In the first study, a diet supplemented with 8% cocoa was able to reduce weight gain by 15.8% while lipid excretion was increased by 55.2%. In the cocoa group, insulin resistance and inflammation markers were also improved along with downregulation of pro-inflammatory gene expression. In the second study, a diet rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides(MCTs) compared to lard suppressed body fat accumulation, insulin resistance, and inflammatory response.


Here are some of the salient takeaways:

  • The study was in rodents so there are limitations here and may not translate completely into humans
  • However, the dose of cocoa in humans turns out to be 54g per day. We can expect this to be a dose-dependent response.
  • A combination of both MCTs and Cocoa powder can have a cumulative benefit in suppressing or reducing body weight while improving markers of inflammation, fatty liver, and insulin resistance.


Our Energy Pods contain both MCT oil and high quality Cocoa powder which could be potentially helpful in reducing obesity related inflammation and insulin resistance while inhibiting fat gain. Though every batch is different in the Energy Pods and the dose changes depending on our needs and new science, currently our Chocolate Fudge Energy Pod has 7g of MCTs and 8g of cocoa per Pod. Adding this to anyone's diet may be a great way to improve one's health markers considering a majority of our population is now pre-diabetic or diabetic.


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