I went to only eating 2 meals a day with no snack and then even one meal a day || Success Story

I went to only eating 2 meals a day with no snack and then even one meal a day || Success Story

I went to only eating 2 meals a day with no snack and then even one meal a day || Success Story

"I have been fat my entire life. Ever since I was 6 or 7. Over the course of my life I tried every diet imaginable with the same result. Lose a few, gain back even more. In 2013 I lost about 40 pounds using a weight loss product. It didn't keep working by my success made me determined to not quit. Soon after I went whole food vegan. I lost a total of 60 pounds and was feeling great. However the diet didn't travel well and I was traveling all the time with my mother who was battling ovarian cancer. In December 2016 she was hospitalized with a perforated bowel, a side effect of chemo. She nearly died. She only had a 15% chance to survive. I stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks with her and was forced to try and stay whole food vegan eating hospital food. Impossible. I failed. Too few choices. I gained over 20 pounds back in those 3 weeks. My mother survived and came to stay with me at my home. She couldn't eat much volume of food and she was rapidly losing weight."

"I began researching the most calorie dense foods for her. That's when I discovered fats and keto. I was even more pleased to see the potential help with cancer from eating keto. To make things easier I went keto with her. I was excited that if this diet worked i could make it work anywhere unlike the whole food vegan diet I had been doing. I made an 8 ounce shake for mom that was all fat and protein. Just by drinking 2 a day she could get 2000 calories in. And it worked! She started gaining weight and was strong in a matter of weeks. And her cancer doctor said her blood test were the best he had ever seen. He said they were better than most healthy people. "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it." Those were his words. Meanwhile weight was dripping off me at an incredible rate and I stopped being hungry. Quite naturally I went to only eating 2 meals a day with no snack and then even one meal a day. This story is both happy and sad. I'm 100% certain the high fat food prolonged my mother's life. But she did finally lose her 5 year battle with stage 4 ovarian cancer. I'm so thankful for the extra months it gave me with her though. As for me, I have lost 125 pounds and stopped my diagnosis of prediabetes. I feel amazing. And I share this way of eating with everyone who will listen."

"I do a podcast and help as many people as I can to lose weight and get healthy. All my podcasts and info can be found by searching for user @fatguypodcast on your favorite social media platform including Snapchat where I post everything I eat every day."

~ Brett Mason, 48


Hey Brett! Sorry to hear about your loss. A bittersweet story indeed. We wish you luck in your journey and please continue inspiring others!

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