The World's Oldest Person Shares the Secret to Longevity: Avoid Toxic People

The World's Oldest Person Shares the Secret to Longevity: Avoid Toxic People

María Branyas Morera, according to this article, the world's oldest living person, has lived through two world wars, the Spanish civil war, the 1918 flu pandemic, and COVID-19. Born in San Francisco in 1907, Branyas has seen and experienced a lot in her 115 years of life. Despite facing many challenges and hardships, Branyas remains in good health and credits her longevity to maintaining good relationships, having a positive outlook, and staying away from toxic people.

According to the Guinness World Records, Branyas says, "Order, tranquility, good connection with family and friends, contact with nature, emotional stability, no worries, no regrets, lots of positivity, and staying away from toxic people" are the keys to her longevity. Branyas recognizes that luck and genetics also play a role, but the importance of maintaining positive relationships and avoiding negative people cannot be understated.

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