It’s Time to Re-Define Superfood and Junk Food

It’s Time to Re-Define Superfood and Junk Food

The poorest form of science and misinformation is using labels instead of hard quantification, reason, and science to persuade someone of something. Food and nutrition labels are usually something you can ignore because almost always there is an unwanted middle industry monetizing on that which increases the cost of the product you are purchasing which has the label on it. 

With that being said, superfood is a poor term that is used to market raw foods with poor shelf stability. We would like to redefine what a superfood is with actual traits that are relevant to human beings, not nutrition dogmatics. Here's what superfood should be:

Shelf Stable

Advances in food science have allowed modern foods to be shelf stable and not require refrigeration or any form of temperature control. Many additives in such foods are merely transplants from other foods. Focusing on shelf-stable foods showcases individual intellectualism and understanding of science. 


Every diet fails because people can't stick to it. Many purported superfoods such as kale and spinach on their own are exceedingly revolting and an approach of using such foods sets up people to fail in their diet long term. 


We live in times where we have vending machines, grocery stores, convenience stores, and adequate packaging that lets us have food anywhere and at any time. This is a perk. 


Though contentious, any food that is part of your diet that yields positive health outcomes when it comes to biomarkers is going to be good food.


The main purpose of food and our sense of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing is to help us acquire nutrients from food. Note, the body needs nutrients, not a yellow leathery bulb that is called a 'banana'. 


Thanks to research in food science, we now have access to safe foods that are low in toxic components. The US food system is always evolving and provides quality control Many foods that enter our grocery stores are safe but many unprocessed foods may be laced with toxic components that may not yield positive health outcomes down the road. 


Many modern foods, especially processed foods, are far more hygienic compared to foods made in poorly controlled and sanitized personal kitchens. Food companies have various checks and procedures in place to ensure their foods are produced in clean conditions.

Provides Adequate Protein

Proteins form the building block of our body. Many purported superfoods, especially greens like kale and spinach, are extremely poor in proteins. 

Provides Adequate Energy

Our body needs the energy to function. This is the most important aspect of any food. Though obesity occurs from overconsuming energy, under consuming energy leads to starvation and death. 

Fits your Lifestyle

Modern living gives access to less time in the day. Kids, family, co-workers, work, hobbies, social life, and athletics all require foods that are convenient and complement such a busy and modern lifestyle. Quality food is like a glove for your hands rather than a nuisance that sinks more of your time and tastes abhorrent.

Positive Environmental Impact

Though this is a hotly debated topic, having a positive environmental impact while minimizing suffering is something to be considered when evaluating a food product. We care about our planet. You should too. About a third of food produced in the US food supply is wasted. This is a tragedy that needs to be reduced and managed. Processed foods, known to improve shelf stability and work with multiple food sources, can help with that.

As you can see, if we think from a rational, scientific, and practical standpoint, many foods that are purported to be superfoods are more junk foods that may be harmful or, at best, unimpressive. These are nuisance from a practical standpoint but marketers in nutrition have you believe otherwise so that they can sell you diet books, and recipes and hook you in with needless blog articles. 

Be a smart consumer that brings value to the world as well. Energy Pods are a superfood. Bring them to your life.