Unhealthy Junk Processed Information is The Main Reason why we have Unhealthy Junk Food

Unhealthy Junk Processed Information is The Main Reason why we have Unhealthy Junk Food

In the diet and nutrition world, the lowest-hanging fruit to beat up on, especially if you have no idea about food science and nutrition, is processed foods. However, it's very important to note that purveyors of processed information are the true culprits behind the production and popularization of obesogenic junk food. It is this poor processed junk information that sabotages the production of healthy processed foods and creates consumer disarray while setting up the masses for failure. 

Food Writers & Media Outlets

Traditionalist food writers continue to hammer on a crusade against food companies, large or small. The problem is that if you simply click on their website or venture into their recipe section, you will see popular recipes of the very same foods they are trying to demonize. Many such outlets have marketing and ad packages that can be used by anyone to market an unhealthy food product on their outlet, website, or publication. 

Bloggers & Recipe vendors

Many bloggers, health websites, and recipe websites are loaded with obesogenic foods that favor a positive energy intake. These are the same places where foods become popular and gain further demand from consumers. Then the same bloggers and recipe vendors continue to demonize food companies when their recipes are mass-produced in an industrial setting. This isn’t about helping the masses. It’s about selling processed information to the public. 

Diet & Nutrition Gurus

Nearly every diet or nutrition guru who has written a book promotes recipes and foods that may be obesogenic. The only difference is that these foods fit a certain diet or nutrition lifestyle that leads the masses to fail long term. Why? This is because nearly every single diet has a very high long-term failure rate where many diet followers end up regaining most, if not all, of the weight back. These diets are restrictive and utilize your invisible labor to make these so-called ‘healthy foods’ while setting you up to fail. 


Influencers, Media & Celebrities

Celebrities and influencers are not experts in nutrition and food science. Even many nutrition experts have a very poor understanding of food structure and the science of processed foods. These influencers and celebrities have agents who can simply be bought off by anyone as long as money is fed into their pockets. That’s just how marketing has worked for every single human commodity. 


Nutrition Researchers and Intellects

From NOVA classification to vague diet-based research, some of the best nutrition science is literally about how bad food science is! Many popular aspects of nutrition science are embedded in an ‘appeal to nature fallacy where ‘natural’ is considered superior to processed foods. This type of approach is a drug to contrarians, anti-authoritarians, narcissists, and radical individuals. We need more food-based research that works and less convoluted science that is an ideological witch hunt. 

The Lies of the Supplement Vendors

The supplement industry is sneaky in its own way where it has created crusades against processed foods but sells its consumer base snake oil and supplements that may literally be an expensive placebo effect. Supplement and sports science are one of the weakest forms of scientific research. The supplement vendors hypocritically harp on buying unnecessary supplements and work towards creating a halo effect around them. The tragedy of our time is that mass consumers buy into these lies rather than invest in improving modern processed foods.

Industrialization is a good thing. Cars, phones, and nearly all modern commodities shared by human beings exist due to industrialization. However, when you have junk processed information, you get junk processed foods and lifestyles. If we fix the information, we can fix the food. This requires smart consumerism that appreciates innovation and embraces simplistic solutions. The entire system of junk processed information is stacked against a simple solution for the masses. When you buy a car, you get a product that helps you get somewhere faster. When you go to a mechanic, you get a service that fixes your car. Sadly, in nutrition and health, the processed information purveyors use your invisible labor to set you and the food companies to fail. That’s the tragedy of our time. 

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