How Diet Books & Diet Based Research Leads to the Creation of Junk Processed Information and Foods

How Diet Books & Diet Based Research Leads to the Creation of Junk Processed Information and Foods

When you want to create a circuit, you try to understand what each component does. You would want to know more about the electrical conductivity of metal so that you understand which material may be the best for your circuit. Just like that, when developing a vehicle, you may want to study the properties of rubber to have a better understanding of how it may help with the traction of the vehicle.

Sadly, diet books and diet-based research, especially in the hands of sensationalists and contrarians, is a recipe for disaster in which we generate more junk processed information, never understand the role of individual foods and their constituents, and end up radicalizing the masses. This needs to stop.

We know that food processing is objectively a net benefit to mankind. Processed foods can be shelf stable, safer, reliable, tastier, nutrient-dense, and energy-dense, and offer far superior qualities to the individual constituents of those foods. Food processing can also be used to completely alter any diet to create anorectic or obesogenic foods. Considering that 90% of Americans don't like to cook and processed foods are easy to adhere to, diet-based research completely ignores the notion of improving processed foods thereby not yielding any profound knowledge that can be applied in the food industry.

To cap it all, nutrition gurus then dare to blame food companies for literally doing what they want: creating foods for their diet. In every single domain of humanity, industrialization and processing have been a net benefit. We have cell phones, cars, bottled water, and various processed materials that are a celebration of humanity but it is only in the field of nutrition that progress and innovation are set up to fail and then further chastised. This is despicable and an insult to human advancement and intellect.

We don't need more labels or diets. We need science that works. Industrialization is merely a duplication of good science. We don't blame car companies or cellphone manufacturers for how they are used. If you create bad science and bad processed information, you will get bad processed foods. This one's on you. Not on the food companies.