Plastics: The Myths, Sustainability & Scientific Facts in the Food Industry & Modern Applications | Dr. Chris DeArmitt

Plastics: The Myths, Sustainability & Scientific Facts in the Food Industry & Modern Applications | Dr. Chris DeArmitt

In this powerful and extremely loaded episode, we deep dive into the myths surrounding plastics and bring you the scientific facts about plastics when it comes to foods, sustainability, and much much more! Prepare to have your mind blown!


Dr. Chris DeArmitt is a luminary in the fields of polymers, functional fillers, innovation, and the environmental aspects of plastics. The Fortune 100 come to him for breakthrough solutions to complex technical problems. He is an award-winning speaker with innumerable publications and patents in addition to the books Innovation Abyss and The Plastics Paradox. The Plastics Paradox is the first book to present the science which dispels the myths about plastics and the environment. Media appearances include CBS 60 Minutes, BBC, and Sky News.

Dr. DeArmitt is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and a Chartered Chemist.


1:41 Ketogeek and Energy Pod plug and updates

14:53 How did you start your journey into plastics?

16:29 What are misconceptions about and concerns with plastic degradation in the body?

17:35 Should people be concerned about plastic degrading in the body?

18:55 How do plastics get approved for use in the food industry or functional uses?

20:17 What are some common misconceptions about plastics among the public?

21:19 How is plastic greener than glass and paper?

24:14 What about plastic packaging and food-safe plastics?

25:49 What’s the story behind BPA?

27:21 What happens to food-safe plastics if you ingest them? Are microplastics and toxins build-up a concern in the body?

29:35 Do plastics cause harm to birds and turtles?

32:09 What can normal people with busy lives do when you start hearing plastics are bad for you?

33:50 Where did all the fear against plastics begin?

36:45 How do plastics decrease waste?

40:54 Why is plastic despised in the modern world?

45:08 What industries were completely changed by plastics?

47:10 What are some great innovations in the polymer world?

52:03 What do activists think of you?

53:44 What makes something “sustainable”?

56:00 What about other materials in the food industry we consider safe could be harmful?

58:50 Were their instances where plastics did cause actual harm and how was it handled?

1:03:04 Are biodegradable polymers better than traditional plastics?

1:04:55 A brief summary of our discussion

1:09:06 Final plugs


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