Why Following Food Recipes is a Recipe for Disaster: 7 Reasons Why "Healthy" Food Recipes May be a Scam!

Why Following Food Recipes is a Recipe for Disaster: 7 Reasons Why "Healthy" Food Recipes May be a Scam!

Food recipes seem like a simple way to make delicious meals at home, but in reality, they're often just a guide to making processed junk foods in your own kitchen. Here are 7 reasons why relying on recipes can lead to a diet filled with unhealthy, processed foods.

  1. Hidden costs: From ingredients at retail price, expensive equipment that depreciates in value, to countless hours spent finding, following and shopping for a recipe often requires more resources than you might think.

  2. Incomplete nutrition information: Many recipes don't account for the full nutritional value of the food, leaving out important information like sugar and sodium content. If anything, when studied, nutritionally most 'healthy' recipes are no different from unhealthy ones!

  3. Processed ingredients: Many recipes call for pre-packaged, processed ingredients that are high in unhealthy additives like sugar, salt, and preservatives. A lot of these ingredients are merely affiliate links to products they profit from.

  4. Underestimated portion sizes: Recipes often provide portion sizes that are larger than what's recommended for a healthy diet.

  5. Lack of customization: Recipes are created with specific tastes in mind and may not be tailored to your personal preferences or dietary restrictions. This is why what you created may not be liked by everyone at the table and leads to diet failure.

  6. Misleading health claims: Charlatans in the nutrition industry often use recipes as a way to promote unhealthy, processed foods as "healthy" or "natural". If a recipe has to rely on buzz words and not good science, it's probably an unhealthy food masquerading as "healthy" food.

  7. Inconvenient preparation: Preparing meals from scratch can be time-consuming and not convenient for busy lifestyles. Charlatans are more interested in selling you diet, nutrition and recipe books than valuing your time and labor. 

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