The Downside of Dieting: Is it a Pathway to More Weight?

The Downside of Dieting: Is it a Pathway to More Weight?

When it comes to staying fit and maintaining our body weight, most of us instantly think of 'dieting'. But have you ever paused to wonder if dieting, especially for normal-weight individuals, might be more of a problem than a solution?

The Science Behind the Question

A recent systematic review titled, "Is dieting a risk for higher weight gain in normal-weight individuals?" delved into this exact question. This large-scale review explored the relationship between dieting and subsequent weight changes among normal-weight people.

From an astounding 1487 records identified between April 2021 to June 2022, a selection of 18 were rigorously scrutinized. The findings were intriguing. A whopping 75% of dieting intervention studies found evidence that metabolic changes occurred after weight loss, which favored weight regain. Meanwhile, 80% of observational studies spotted a connection between dieting and significant later weight gain.

In simple terms, this means that most individuals who went on a diet were more prone to regain the weight they lost and potentially even more!

Why is this Happening?

The body reacts to weight loss in ways that often favor weight regain. This may be due to metabolic adaptations, unsustainability, and restrictiveness of diet and diet culture, going back to older habits, food choices, and lifestyles, or other similar factors that contribute to weight gain in the first place. All in all, this is one of the first evidence showing us that dieting can be potentially detrimental to normal-weight individuals when it comes to fat loss and obesity in the long run.  It is also important to note that social media results and weight loss marketing we see online do not accurately reflect long-term results and should be approached with caution.

Enter KG Food Company's Philosophy: Energize, Explore, Enjoy!

We at KG Food Company are proponents of a different approach. We believe that instead of being trapped in the endless cycle of diets, individuals should focus on building a wholesome lifestyle. Think about it - instead of seeing food as mere numbers (calories, carbohydrates, fats), what if we saw it as fuel? Fuel to explore the world, to learn, to engage in activities we love.

Our signature Energy Pods embody this philosophy. They aren’t just snacks – they are partners for your journey. Instead of focusing merely on weight, we encourage understanding nutrition in its entirety. It's about understanding what macro and micronutrients are, the significance of calories, and how different nutrients play a role in our overall well-being.

Ditching the Diet Culture

The reviewed study shows that the term 'diet' was often poorly described and there was a wide disparity in methods used to assess dieting status. This makes one wonder - what is a 'diet'? Should it just be about weight loss, or should it focus on overall health?

At KG Food Company, we encourage the latter. We believe that focusing solely on dieting can be a short-sighted approach. Instead, we need to broaden our view, focusing on a balanced life where nutrition plays a supportive role. Weight loss and desired body recomposition may best be treated as a side effect or downstream consequences of our lifestyles, habits, and food choices as a whole.

In Conclusion:

It's time we shifted the narrative. Instead of diets that might make us gain more in the long run, let’s focus on understanding nutrition and creating sustainable lifestyles. The recent study points towards a possible downside of dieting for normal-weight individuals. But remember, it's not about completely dismissing diets but rather understanding the good a diet may have to offer and integrating that knowledge into our lifestyle choices.

As you move forward in this journey, KG Food Company’s Energy Pods are here to fuel your explorations. Embrace a life where you Energize, Explore, and Enjoy!

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