Exposed: 7 Reasons the Diet Industry Has a War Against Processed Foods and Convenient Solutions

Exposed: 7 Reasons the Diet Industry Has a War Against Processed Foods and Convenient Solutions

Have you ever wondered why some people in the nutrition and food industry and health world seem to demonize all processed foods, even those that are healthy and convenient, like Energy Pods? It turns out that there are several reasons why the kitchen industry, diet charlatans, and scam diet doctors have a strong conflict of interest against processed foods that may offer a quick, one-stop solution to diabetes and obesity.

Buzz words and Contrarianism:

One of the main tactics of these scammers is to use buzz words like "natural," "real," and "whole" to make their products and diets seem healthier than they actually are. They also often adopt a contrarian stance, criticizing mainstream ideas about health and nutrition in order to only sell their own products, meal plans, recipes, diet books, junk products, and ideas.

Cherry-Picked Science

Diet charlatans and scam diet doctors often cherry-pick scientific studies to support their ideas, ignoring studies that contradict their claims. They may also exaggerate the findings of studies to make their products or ideas seem more effective than they actually are. For instance, they may make claims such as 'Protein is the most satiating macronutrient' while ignoring strong studies that isolate the role of protein in satiety and reducing food intake. Usually they have meal plans, diet books, recipes, models, or food products that have higher protein content in them.

Recipes are a Guide to Make Junk Food at Home

Another way that the food industry and health world profit from healthy eating is by selling recipes and cookbooks. However, recipes are often a guide that uses unpaid invisible labor and ingredients at retail price, making them a costly and time-consuming way to eat healthy. Also note that when their recipe becomes a popular food product made by a food company, they will demonize it because it takes away from their power and authority over you.

Greed, Authority and Power

Ultimately, the kitchen industry, diet charlatans, and scam diet doctors are driven by greed and power, rather than a desire to help people. They often make unrealistic promises about weight loss and health improvement in order to sell their products and ideas, regardless of whether or not they actually work. Their business scam kryptonite is good science and people having tangible solutions in their life.

Lack of Accountability

Many of these scammers are not held accountable for their claims and are able to continue selling ineffective or even harmful products and diets. This lack of accountability makes it difficult for consumers to know who to trust when it comes to healthy eating. This is why you will never hear charlatans and diet scammers showing their average long-term results for ALL of their users or clients. Instead, they'd rather spam you with more junk information, junk diets and junk recipes rather than be held accountable for what they are doing.

Demonization of Packaged Foods

Some in the food industry and health world have also demonized all packaged foods, even those that are healthy and convenient. This can lead people to believe that they must spend hours in the kitchen preparing all their meals from scratch in order to eat healthy, which is not a realistic or sustainable approach for most people. This is why their diets have a high failure rate and helps only the charlatans in pocketing money.


Finally, the kitchen industry, diet charlatans, and scam diet doctors often use fear-mongering tactics to sell their products and ideas. They may claim that certain foods or ingredients are "toxic" or "addictive," creating a sense of urgency and fear in consumers that can lead them to make unwise or unsustainable dietary choices. In reality, fear mongering should be grounds for dismissing their credibility and authority. For instance, food addiction rates are between 5-10% but charlatans and scam doctors will claim that all processed foods (that isn't part of their recipe book) are addictive and evil. 

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