Demonizing Processed Foods is not the Solution, Improving Them Is, Opinion

Demonizing Processed Foods is not the Solution, Improving Them Is, Opinion

Not a day, blog, article, or podcast goes by when the wrath of the nutrition world falls upon processed foods being vetted as the main culprits behind the current obesity and diabetes epidemic that is costing our country hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

Though many modern foods are indeed problematic, the picture is more nuanced and as a consumer or practitioner, you should be aware of what is going on.

First thing first, the leading model(NOVA classification) that is being used to categorize processed foods categorizes foods based on the level of processing done to a certain food item. Right off the bat, you can probably see the problem: processing foods has made them safer, cheaper, shelf-stable and nutrients more available. Next, the model doesn't factor in many high-quality scientific studies that utilize ultra-processed/processed foods that show fat loss by using the aforementioned foods. In other words, the current model used to quantify processed foods is a nutrition blogger's nostalgic daydream embedded in an appeal-to-nature fallacy. The science that will proceed with this model, as you can predict, will be poor. Some potential models allude to the solution such as models of our gastrointestinal tract that model the disintegration of food within our body. However, many of these potential solutions get overshadowed by writers, bloggers, social media nutritionists, alarmists, and contrarians who seek to monetize processed information rather than help cultivate practical solutions that may benefit mankind. This leads us to the key point.

Whether or not you purchase our product, this is about the bigger picture of humanity and our scientific growth. We have to realize that humans have stayed healthy using a very simple strategy: find the tastiest foods they can find and eat them. Our evolutionary drive to eat is as simple as that and akin to other inherent traits such as breathing, walking, sex, and so on. Humans never had convoluted lifestyles, diets, recipes, kitchens, or information overdoses that have made life more hectic than yield a positive experience.

We need better processed foods. For the last three years, we have constantly been studying, learning, and implementing this into our own lives and our products. Think about it: tasty, healthy, shelf-stable, and accessible foods are a good thing. Why? Any of our ancestors would happily trade spots with you or me to be in the present with such abundant and reliable foods around us.

You can support our quest to learn and create better processed foods by bringing Energy Pods to your lives. We work every day to find ways and knowledge to help you on this journey. This will have to be a collective effort and you can help us get there. Let us change the world better.