Top Food and Nutrition Myths We’ve Come Across | Fahad Ahmad & Corey Behin on Ketogeek Podcast

Top Food and Nutrition Myths We’ve Come Across | Fahad Ahmad & Corey Behin on Ketogeek Podcast

In this episode, we look at the top food, health, and nutrition myths that we've come across and discuss them in detail. From half-truths to explaining the context to fallacies, we talk about it all here.


Fahad Ahmad is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys delving into the science of food and nutrition. He practices Ashtanga Yoga, Weight Training, Crossfit, Calisthenics, and Plyometric type of training and has been part of the fitness and nutrition world for more than 15 years. He leads the "Modern Renaissance" lifestyle of tapping into multiple knowledge bases to solve a problem.

Corey Behn lives a multifaceted life rooted in a foundation comprised of Yoga, Science, Adventure, and Nature. He has always had a burning curiosity of existence itself, constantly seeking out truth in all corners of the universe. He enjoys the sport of rock climbing and photographing beautiful landscapes and macro scrapes alike. When night falls, the cosmos up above receives his full attention, studying all types of celestial entities. Corey’s role at Ketogeek originates from his love of creative cooking in the kitchen, continuously creating new symphonies of flavor and texture for our tastebuds.


2:05 What is Ketogeek and the latest updates on our innovations

10:48 Our new vision with Ketogeek and understanding of "processed information"

18:12 Do calories matter?

21:21 Is protein the most satiating macronutrient?

25:48 Are seed oils toxic?

30:22 Will keto or low carb lead to fat loss?

35:42 Do non-nutritive sweeteners cause you to crave calories?

41:30 Are sugar and fat toxic?

46:05 Are processed foods bad? Are only real and whole foods good?

52:28 Are natural and organic foods better for you?

58:43 Is cooking from scratch the healthiest way to eat?

1:07:39 Are foods addictive?

1:14:07 Should you not eat anything grandmother can't recognize?

1:18:47 Deep discussion about fear and bad information on social media