Dark Chocolate Supplementation: The Secret to Elevating Resting Energy Expenditure?

Dark Chocolate Supplementation: The Secret to Elevating Resting Energy Expenditure?

Are you looking for a way to boost your energy levels and support your overall health and fitness? If so, Energy Pods have got you covered! A recent study conducted on a group of athletically fit females found that dark chocolate supplementation can significantly increase resting energy expenditure.

In this study(1), 18 exercise-trained female subjects were assigned to receive either 20g of 70% dark chocolate or a calorically matched white chocolate for 30 days. The subjects underwent a series of tests to measure their resting energy expenditure and energy expenditure during steady-state exercise, both before and after the supplementation period.

The results showed that after 30 days, the resting energy expenditure of the dark chocolate group had increased by 9.6%, while there was no significant difference in energy expenditure during steady-state exercise between the two groups.

This study is the first to demonstrate the positive impact of dark chocolate on resting energy expenditure and Energy Pods is happy to offer a range of products that are rich in epicatechin, a key ingredient in dark chocolate. Whether you are an athlete or simply looking to improve your overall health and fitness, Energy Pods can help you reach your goals.

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