Are You Being Scammed by Cooking from Scratch? The Shocking Truth About Chef Obesity Rates

Are You Being Scammed by Cooking from Scratch? The Shocking Truth About Chef Obesity Rates

Cooking from scratch is often touted as the healthier, more wholesome way to eat. But an interesting study(1) conducted on chefs and office workers has revealed that chefs, who have the skills to cook from scratch, are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases (CD) than office workers. This article will explore the study's findings and shed light on the risks of cooking from scratch.

The Study

The study conducted on 45 chefs and 48 office workers found that chefs had, on average, a higher rate of overweight/obesity(62.2%) compared to office group(58.3%.) The other common risk factors were elevated triglycerides and inflammation which were both higher in chefs compared to office workers. Chefs also had higher concentrations of saturated fatty acids and oleic acid, while office workers had more docosahexaenoic acid, Omega-6, and trans fatty acids in their red blood cell membranes.

Psychosocial factors were also evaluated, and it was found that chefs had a stronger subjective importance of work, greater professional aspirations, and a higher degree of perfectionism at their workplace.

What Does This Mean for the Public?

It's clear that the narrative of cooking from scratch as the healthiest way to eat is not always true. The study's findings suggest that the media charlatans and narratives that take advantage of naive customers by telling them to cook from scratch, only to sell them subscription plans, recipes, or junk affiliate products, using their own labor and ingredients at retail price, are not telling the full story. Cooking from scratch can be time-consuming and, as this study shows, may not necessarily result in healthier meals.

Introducing Energy Pods

Energy Pods are a possible solution to this problem. They are healthy, processed foods that cut through junk-processed information and give a tangible and convenient solution to the public. Energy Pods are compact, shelf-stable, extremely tasty, and healthy food products that come in a 2oz. Cup, a compostable paperboard spoon, contain up to 7 grams of MCTs, artisan cocoa, contain 0.6g soy lecithin as an emulsifier, a handful of almonds, use erythritol as a sweetener, and 10 grams of protein with no added sugar.

The bottom line is that cooking from scratch is not always the healthiest option. It's essential to focus on the science that works and cut through the noise of media charlatans and narratives. Energy Pods are a convenient and healthy option that provides a solution to the public's needs.

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