Almonds Power Up Your Workouts: Study Shows Benefits in Reducing Muscle Damage and Improving Mood

Almonds Power Up Your Workouts: Study Shows Benefits in Reducing Muscle Damage and Improving Mood

Do you love to exercise but always feel fatigued and sore after a workout? Well, a new study has found that eating almonds can help mitigate these issues. Researchers conducted a 4-week study(1) on 64 non-obese adults and found that those who ate 57 grams of almonds per day showed reduced post-exercise fatigue and tension, higher levels of leg-back strength, and lower levels of muscle damage compared to those who ate cereal bars. The results also showed that almond consumption increased the generation of gut-derived phenolic metabolites and altered the plasma oxylipin response to unaccustomed eccentric exercise.

So, how does this work? The study found that almonds contain high levels of gut-derived phenolic metabolites, which were positively related to reducing muscle damage and fatigue after exercise. Additionally, the increase in the plasma oxylipin 12,13-DiHOME with almond intake supports positive metabolic outcomes for those engaging in unaccustomed eccentric exercise.

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