What is the Difference Between Candy Bar, Chocolate Bar, Nutrition Bar & Energy Pod?

What is the Difference Between Candy Bar, Chocolate Bar, Nutrition Bar & Energy Pod?

Sweet foods are everywhere and not all of them are the same. Here's the key difference between candy, chocolate, nutrition bar, and Energy Pod:

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Candy Bars

These are low-cost food products that mainly comprise sugar as the main ingredient. These foods are not considered healthy due to their high sugar and fat content that rapidly breaks down in your body while making you prone to obesity and gaining weight if chronically consumed.

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True Chocolate Bars:

Chocolate bars come in various forms, ranging from milk chocolate to dark chocolate bars with further distinctions in between. Though many milk chocolate bars can easily fall into the category of candy bars, some high-quality artisan bars may be more of a culinary experience than a candy bar geared mostly as a cheap mouth pleasure. Dark chocolate bars with 60% or more cacao is where you start getting proper dark chocolate bars and hits the sweet spot with some sweetness but also having expressive flavor. If you’re interested in a very deep dive in chocolate, check out our podcast episode here. 

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Nutrition Bars:

These are products that either fit a certain diet or lifestyle or are geared to the specific needs of individuals. For instance, endurance athletes may favor bars that provide rapid energy during their runs, or bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts may prefer high-protein bars to gain an extreme amount of muscle.

Energy Pods:

Energy Pods are an innovative meal replacement food product that captures the essence of a very high-quality artisan chocolate bar while having a healthy and quality makeup of nutrition bars. They are a culinary experience that enables high-performance athleticism with adequate nutrients while being completely shelf stable and tasty. In other words, Energy Pods are for people who want the best of all worlds and don't like to compromise on the quality of ingredients and nutrients.