The "Eat Real Whole Food" & "Cook from Scratch" Movement are Ploys to Monetize Labor of the Impoverished and Poor

The "Eat Real Whole Food" & "Cook from Scratch" Movement are Ploys to Monetize Labor of the Impoverished and Poor

Many modern foods are problematic. There is no denying that. However, many charlatans and diet gurus leverage the diversity of foods and choices to take advantage of the impoverished people of our country.

Imagine if humanity had used the first failures of driving cars as a way to push for walking more. We would have never had cars or faster modes of transportation available to everyone. We have modern commodities because humanity embraced and adopted things that added value to their lives. Sadly, that’s the case with most nutrition gurus and charlatans.

The “Eat Real Whole Food” and “Cook from Scratch” movement was coined by traditionalist writers and authors who wanted to use a combination of chemophobia, bad science, fear of processed foods, rising obesity rates, contrarianism, and anti-capitalist ideologies to monetize processed information.

The main target of such an ideological approach is people who may be unhappy with their lives and are easily radicalized online. This is why the slogans of 'eat real whole food' or 'cook from scratch' have become a massive mantra on social media and are constantly parrotted by charlatans and purveyors of bad information. Additionally, this approach, though it sets up the majority of its followers to fail, allows individuals to gain self-validation from peers and other individuals who may have issues that diet may not even solve! However, they serve as free marketing cannon fodder for charlatans and nutrition zealots who aim to sell junk processed information in the form of diet ideologies, convoluted lifestyle choices, and snake oil supplements.

The ideal solution in nutrition and health would be to improve processed foods and then let rapid industrialization reduce the cost of healthier foods. Processed information could then be used to educate the masses on using better foods for their lives. In this way, everyone wins. Sadly, the greedy, self-validating, poorly informed, dogmatic and narcissistic charlatans would much rather focus on generating more convoluted junk processed information, dogma, and fear rather than provide anything tangible for mankind because improving processed foods would likely obliterate their business models. If you are on social media and spreading such processed information then you are being used as a pawn for someone else's ideology and business. That is the price you pay for this 'free' information you find online.

We need better-processed foods. We don't need more information. Eating healthy in human history has been as simple as finding tasty foods and eating them. Anything beyond that will likely be unsustainable and only profit those purveying unsustainable lifestyles.

Energy Pods are our vessel to explore the science of nutrition and foods. Our goal has always been to learn and give the masses better, healthier, and tastier foods. By bringing them to your life, we all win. Let us change the world for the better.