Study: Consuming 60 grams of Nuts Improves Sexual Function || BLURB

Study: Consuming 60 grams of Nuts Improves Sexual Function || BLURB

Blurbs are quick less than 2 minute reads under 300 words based on some interesting find here at Ketogeek and would share with you guys! These are short and quick practical takeaways from some of the studies we read. Science is always growing and piling on so one study or write-up doesn't equate to something set in stone. Lets continue to learn!


Recently, a study(1) just came out stating, using 83 healthy males betweeen the age of 18-35, that consuming 60 grams of mixed nuts per day for 14 weeks improved orgasmic function and sexual desire.


Following are key highlights of the study:

  1. The study had a slight conflict of interest but at the same time the trial is randomized controlled so the study has strength.
  2. Biomarkers that the scientists expected would be reflective of increased sexual function didn't improve but self-reported data from study participants showed improvement.
  3. Hence, the mechanisms are unknown but the group noted similarities in results from a previous study they conducted that pistachios improved sexual functionality(2) in men with sexual dysfunction.
  4. Proposed mechanisms could be the impact of certain compounds of anti-oxidants of nuts or potentially nuts displacing unhealthy foods from a diet



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