The Philosophy of Suffering & Dogmatic Veganism || Daniel Wiseman

The Philosophy of Suffering & Dogmatic Veganism || Daniel Wiseman

In this highly controversial podcast, we talk about the philosophy of animal suffering, comparison of animal and plant based diets and challenging conventional wisdom. This episode is not for the faint of hearts.


Bio: Daniel is a 32 year old engineer here in Northern California. Employed in the technical sales world, he had taken his health for granted and after getting fat, sick and constantly in pain, he decided to take his health in his own hands. He can be found on twitter with the handle @steakandiron


2:24 – Challenging the “real food”

7:26 – How did you begin your twitter journey?

9:42 – Engagement on twitter

11:30 – How did you get into Keto/Carnivore?

19:30 – Veggies, upset stomach and eating raw meat

23:55 – Fruits nowadays are just fructose bombs and candies

26:14 – The health halo around vegetables and cocktail of chemicals

27:10 – How animals survive vs. plants

30:07 – Conducting self-studies using a carnivorous diet

32:13 – Hijacking the brain’s circuitry and failure of ‘eat less, move more’ advice

33:53 – The biggest self-genocide of human history

34:43 – The religious dogma of veganism

37:41 – Why good intentions don’t always translate into good actions

40:54 – The philosophy of animal suffering and realities of nature

45:02 – Human suffering and failure of the medical system

47:37 – Why growing suppression of ideas and opinions in colleges is dangerous

51:09 – Thought crime and demonizing opposite opinions

55:56 – How do differentiate open and close-minded people?

57:56 – How should someone approach you?

1:00:29 – Favorite books

1:04:45 – Simplicity as a double-edged sword

1:06:45 – Science and application of addiction

1:14:10 – Final Plugs