All You Need To Know About The Ketogenic Diet || Craig Emmerich

You've all heard about the Ketogenic Diet. In this podcast we talk about some of the finer details of what constitutes a Ketogenic Diet and how it works.


 Craig Emmerich graduated in Electrical Engineering and has always had a systems approach to his work. He followed his wife Maria Emmerich into the nutrition field and has since dedicated his time researching and looking at nutrition and biology from a systems perspective. Over the last 8 years he has worked with hundreds of clients along side Maria to help them heal their bodies and lose weight leveraging their biology to make it easy.


0:16 – Energy Pod Plug

6:26 – How did you get into LC & Keto

8:19 – Did you face backlash going Keto?

9:57 – People who influenced your journey

13:21 – How do research for your book and stay on top of science?

16:27 – Fastest way to die by ketosis?

16:52 – Stages of Keto, adaption and mitochondrial growth

20:37 – How excessive sugar intake can speed up aging

22:10 – Can eating an avocado help mitochondrial function?

23:07 – Fat storage & feedback loop

26:03 – What exactly is inflammation and what causes it?

27:52 – Do various types of carbs, fats and proteins impact insulin differently?

28:52 – Why carbs raises insulin more than other macronutrients?

30:49 – Why can we hold only 4g of glucose in the bloodstream?

33:32 – What is the “Thermic Effect” of food?

37:19 – Protein requirement for protein sparing modifying fast?

39:55 – How do nutrition labels translate into actual calories?

42:58 – Flax seeds and estrogen

43:41 – Do calories matter?

47:53 – What is fat flux?

52:41 – Is there a limit to how much fat you can have in blood stream?

53:48 – Alcohol, oxidative priority and weight loss

1:02:14 – Best way to raise and lower insulin?

1:03:40 – How do you start fasting?

1:06:26 – Electrolyte requirements on a Ketogenic diet

1:10:28 – Electrolyte deficiency symptoms

1:11:51 – What are anti-nutrients and what do they do?

1:13:15 – Nutrient density of animal vs. plants

1:16:28 – Animal propensity for eating organ meats

1:17:36 – Bioavailability of various foods

1:24:55 – Final Plugs



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