Nutrients, Carnivory & Building Food Companies & Tools for Human Health || Marty Kendall

Taking all the science in the world of food and nutrition, how do we now create better food companies and tools that would focus on human health rather than be another catastrophe for humanity?


In early 2015 Marty started blogging at He tries to provide clarity around many of the confusing and conflicting issues in nutrition, often using a quantitative approach.

While his blog posts can sometimes go deep on a topic, he has also worked to develop a shortlist of optimal foods to suit different goals by balancing the sometimes-competing parameters of nutrient density, insulin load and energy density.  

His most recent project is the Nutrient Optimiser which consolidates his thinking into an automated system that reviews a person's current diet to provide a shortlist of recommended foods to provide the nutrients they are not getting enough of while supporting their goals


0:18 – Product Announcement & Amazon Sale

6:15 – The Colosseum of Optimising Nutrition

8:15 – How type 2 diabetes evolved and began

12:07 – Blood test results on carnivore diet

17:07 – Nutrient dilution in agriculture

19:14 – Building a better food company for the future

22:10 - Signs you are diabetic

27:27 – Any evidence on nutrient driven satiety?

30:07 – How is research carried out in food and health industry?

33:00 – Complete transparency in business infrastructures

37:02 – How does a dummy learn about nutrition

41:30 – Dealing with dogmatic intellectuals

43:28 – High fat, low protein and fat loss?

47:22 – Are benefits of keto from elimination or because of ketones?

54:14 – How do I know my diet works?


55:30 – Fat loss stall while still in energy deficit

57:40 – The positives and negatives of bulletproof coffee

1:00:00 – What drives you?

1:05:21 – Food tolerances and intolerances

1:11:11 – Bioavailability of foods

1:12:08 – What Would Marty Kendall Do?