Why Obesity is Rampant in Low Income Households and Eating Healthy on Budget || Dustin Cade

Why is obesity so rampant in low income housholds and why does the environment that you are raised in can lead to fat gain? How do you start eating healthy when everyone else isn't and above all, how do you inspire others to do the same?


Dustin Cade is a Ketogenic diet enthusiast, works to help others by showing his own progress and successes with this lifestyle, with a starting weight of 421lbs and a current weight of 290lbs he has been ketogenic since September of 2016. So far being more than half way through his weight loss journey he is able to showcase not only the results of the diet but help others get started and succeed even on the tightest of budgets. He hopes to continue spreading useful and easy to follow information to those who are interested in learning about a ketogenic lifestyle.


5:45 – How did you and your family get into Keto?

9:16 – How did your social circle change as you lost weight?

10:08 – Changes noticed after going keto?

12:32 – Best way to transition into Keto?

14:12 – Indulging outside of a strict diet

16:39 – Is adding fat satiating for you?

17:23 – How has your experience been with extended fasting?

20:16 – Do you feel happier and confident when you lose weight?

22:00 – What caused you to go above 400lbs?

27:36 – What would you do if you could go back in time?

28:29 – A discussion about fat and fit shaming

32:40 – How do you approach people close to you regarding weight and health?

34:45 – How have you developed as a person while losing weight?

34:54 – Shopping keto on a budget

43:24 – How did Fahad get into Keto and Ketogeek?

46:03 – Challenges of trying to pursue health when everyone around you isn’t

47:23 – Why is obesity rampant in low incomes households?

50:23 – Why “hopelessness” can be contagious

57:13 – Final message and plugs