How To Become a Fat Adapted Athlete & Improve Your Performance || Peter Bilarczyk

Keto or fat adaptation has its advantages and weaknesses. In this podcast, we get into the nitty gritty of athletic performance and talk about how we can potentially and strategically use carbs, proteins and fats both to improve body composition and enhance performance. We also emphasize that energy balance is important when it comes to body recomposition disregarding whether your approach is high fat or high protein.



In short, Peter started his journey about 3 years ago following NSNG(No Sugar No Grain), fell to the dark side and started following the "Eat loads of extra fat, Fear Protein" groups. He then came back to develop the facebook group to support the science of low carb at The Fat Adapted Athlete.

His starting weight was 275 lbs when he got fed up. He had always a fit person (Cop in the USAF, Martial artist from the age of 5, l lived in an Aikido school for a bit/UshiDeshi, avid weight lifter) but eventually at 46 and 275 lbs, he decided to go low carb and train for a marathon. That turned into running 40-60 miles a week/2000+ miles a year and he dropped to 199. Currently he is at 215-220 lbs and aspiring to reach his goal to lean out at 205 lbs.


1:05 - Ketogeek Announcements

10:06 – How did you get into LC/Keto?

13:20 – How keto is popular on Facebook and social media

15:02 – What is your training style like and dietary protocols?

16:18 – Why do you limit cardio as a fat adapted athlete?

17:40 – Is switching from carbs to fat burning and vice versa a switch or step-by-step process?

19:00 – How do I become a fat adapted athlete?

22:30 – The truth about exogenous ketones and protein intake

26:34 – Benefits of using MCTs as an athlete and why constantly testing ketones may not be a smart idea

27:28 – What’s the muscle that can actually use ketones as fuel?

28:38 – Is ketone testing useful or totally pointless?

30:23 – Is dietary fat superior fuel when compared to stored body fat?

34:39 – A very simple approach to keto

35:56 – Why did you decide to start a Keto coaching?

40:58 – How do you eat out on keto or during social occasions?

43:49 – What self studies have you done?

47:16 – Why is fat loss such a erratic process and not just a straight road down?

49:53 – Do all diets really fail and why?

53:22 – Why simplifying food choices ensures success in the long run

57:19 – Why focusing on macros and calories is just part of the picture

1:02:44 – Why ketone readings are all over the place

1:04:42 – Should people new to keto test ketones?

1:05:54 – Experience with a relatively carnivorous diet and athletic performance

1:09:29 – Should I consume fat before, during or after the workout?

1:11:11 – Does a good diet lead to people automatically fasting without thinking of it?

1:12:29 – High fat vs. high protein for body recomposition

1:18:45 – Final Plugs