How We Created the Most Inspiring and Creative Display for Energy Pods

How We Created the Most Inspiring and Creative Display for Energy Pods

Innovation, art and science should always go hand-in-hand. This point of purchase display was conceived over a wintery fireplace conversation while talking about how humanity needs to put aside dogma, fear and segregation amongst each other and forge a path of exploration and learning. At Ketogeek, we are also big fans of the “The Expanse” TV show and the book, both of which craftily combine sci-fi with science and exploration. In order re-create how we felt and thought, we decided to create a display that shows us our human history and what we can do in the future. 

At the base of the display would be the ocean from which came single cell organisms and life. This further created multicellular organisms alongside plants and animals. The center shaft of the display is a DNA strand that symbolizes our journey as human beings as we traversed time. The “Energy Pod” logo near the top symbolizes where we are today as human beings which is the junction and start of exploring the vast cosmos around us. At the top is the Earth encased around the mesh(universe) waiting to be explored by humans. 

It all started off with a complicated 3D design of a base and DNA springing out. 

Then, the shelves were then added.

After that, the ocean texture was added at the bottom base and the top earth incased within the universe. 

The design above was then broken down into multiple parts and then printed with supports. As you can see below, the entire design looked like a cocoon and needed lots of clean up! 

With some heavy clean up, the base looked nice and relatively presentable. However, more clean up was required even after the result below. 

Next, the 4 shelves, top monument, DNA strands in the center, fonts and gold base were printed separately. All in all, it took nearly 4 days to print and create the design below. 

After letting all the glues settle in, the design was then taken to Calmart in Calistoga, Napa, California to display our Energy Pods near their deli and fresh food section. 

Bonus: The model is very detailed! You can see India and the entire of Africa on the little earth inside the universe! 

 The path to changing the world requires smart and informed consumerism which can only be reached by first inspiring people to think and dream. For this reason, we call this design, “The Journey of Humans”. Now go get some Energy Pods and help change the world while improving your health and life.