Staying Fit & Lean on a Processed Food Diet (Part I: Basics of Nutrition & Food Science)

Staying Fit & Lean on a Processed Food Diet (Part I: Basics of Nutrition & Food Science)

In this podcast and the first of four parts, we talk about the basics of food and nutrition science by breaking down everything we know about food into its individual components.


Fahad Ahmad is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys delving into the science of food and nutrition. He practices Ashtanga Yoga, Weight Training, Crossfit, Calisthenics, and Plyometric type of training and has been part of the fitness and nutrition world for more than 15 years. He leads the "Modern Renaissance" lifestyle of tapping into multiple knowledge bases to solve a problem.

Corey Behn lives a multifaceted life rooted in a foundation comprised of Yoga, Science, Adventure, and Nature. He has always had a burning curiosity of existence itself, constantly seeking out truth in all corners of the universe. He enjoys the sport of rock climbing and photographing beautiful landscapes and macro scrapes alike. When night falls, the cosmos up above receives his full attention, studying all types of celestial entities. Corey’s role at Ketogeek originates from his love of creative cooking in the kitchen, continuously creating new symphonies of flavor and texture for our tastebuds.


1:45 What are Energy Pods?

7:43 Series introduction

10:37 Introduction to nutrition science?

11:35 What are macronutrients?

12:33 What are carbohydrates?

14:00 What are simple carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, and sugar alcohols?

15:55 What are fats?

16:56 What are saturated, trans, and unsaturated fats?

19:21 What are proteins?

22:20 What are calories?

25:05 What are micronutrients?

25:45 What are vitamins?

26:23 What are minerals?

27:59 Introduction to food science

29:15 What are flavoring components in food?

29:49 What are volatile and non-volatile flavoring compounds?

37:59 What are natural, nature-identical, and artificial flavors?

41:28 What are the different types of tastes?

43:21 What gives food sweet, umami, sour, spicy, bitter, and salty taste?

52:37 How is spiciness measured?

54:18 What gives food its smell?

57:15 What gives food color?

1:00:06 What is 'enzymatic browning'?

1:03:35 Impact of temperature in food: Maillard Reaction & Caramelization

1:06:50 What kind of food textures exist?

1:10:11 What are bioactive stimulants?

1:14:25 What are food additives and preservatives and what kind are used in foods?

1:18:57 What are antinutrient components in food?


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